MintMe Coin more scarce than ever - Reduction of emission.

There is abundance of WEB available on exchanges. This has a bad influence on the price. After being asked by our community members to limit supply, even more, we have decided to lower the emission of Webchain (MintMe Coins). Together with halvening, that is already happening, it will represent a total of ~1 billion coins burnt. In May 2020 MintMe Coin's reward will drop to the level of Bitcoin reward. As a result, MintMe Coin will be a way more scarce asset than originally planned. The total number of coins ever in existence will be at ~691 million. The whole process will end as previously planned in May 2020 to coincide with Bitcoin's halvening. Together with the first services available to purchase for MintMe Coins (creating additional buy pressure), it should have a positive influence on the price. 

We also plan to release our big MintMe update in Q1 2020. This will give reasons to purchase MintMe Coins for other purposes than only trading. All MintMe Coins spent on will be frozen for us for 5 years which means that when you spend your coins there, we cannot sell them. So each purchase will create buy pressure too. Later probably in Q2/Q3 2020, we will release additional important changes related to MintMe and we will be ready to finally start paid marketing campaigns in Q3/Q4 of 2020. All this together makes us confident that latest in 2021 we will see some very positive price action.


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