Rebranding of Webchain

We are planning to rebrand Webchain to better show this project’s main purpose. Once we do the rebranding, it will be called coin. Alternatively, you could also call it just mintme coin. Our ticker will be mintme, this way everyone mining or trading mintme coin will know the main idea behind it. To give you other good examples and explain how it works, look at Binance or, they also use the main project address or name as part of their coin’s name. This improves transparency and shows the true purpose of the project.


To remind you - is a crowdfunding platform where patrons can also earn on their favorite influencer’s success.


We are now finishing and soon we will begin to test our big mintme update, so we will finish rebranding probably after that, but it will be a fluent process that will take some time. While WEB sounds cool, it is impractical to find a project by that ticker in Google. If you search for WEB in Google, it's unlikely you will find us, but if you search for mintme, we are of course #1. So ticker mintme is better than web, even if it doesn't sound so cool. Besides, other than price speculation, project should be the main reason why people would like to buy our coin - to use it on our platform, to trade other people tokens with it, to buy exclusive content available in it etc. etc. - so it is only logical to merge those two projects. So people won't be confused about what it is about. Current content will be hosted probably at


To make it clear - no, we won’t make a new coin. Coin balances and everything stays the same. On the backend side, nothing changes.


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