How does the trading page work?

The trading page shows important information about each market on MintMe. Including it’s position on our ranking. You can find additional information about a market on the introduction page below the recent posts. The MintMe trading page has two sections:

The first section is the “MINTME Markets” where all coin/MINTME pairs supported by our platform are listed. This section will increase as we implement support for other pairs.

The second section is the “Tokens” list. Here you can find all deployed and non-deployed tokens created on MintMe. By default, deployed tokens are listed first and all token markets are sorted by their 30d volume.

Each column in the “Tokens” section will give you useful information about each token that can help you decide which one would be the best investment for you. You will also find a drop-down for you to filter tokens by: Deployed on MINTME, Deployed on ETH or tokens with currently active airdrops.

# column:

In this column, you will find the overall rank position of the token.

Name column:

In this column, you will find the given name of each token.

Change column:

This column shows how the price of the token has changed in the past 24 hours.

Last price column:

In this column, you will find the latest price of each token.

24H Volume / 30d Volume column:

This column shows the amount of tokens that have been traded in the last 24 hours or 30 days.

Market Cap / Buy Depth:

Market Cap refers to the market capitalization based on the last price multiplied by the number of tokens sold on the market. Buy Depth refers to the amount of buy orders in MINTME on each market. This might better represent token market size than market cap.


In this column, you will find the number of people holding that particular token.