How to delete my token?

1- Log into your account and click on "My Token" on the navigation bar.

2- Click on the icon next to your token name to open the setting.

3- Click on "Delete token" and a modal will appear.


    -You cannot delete your token when:
        (a) Your token is deployed - Only non-deployed tokens can be deleted. Tokens deployed to the blockchain cannot be deleted.
        (b) You do not own all of your token - You need to own all of your 10,000,000 non-deployed token in order to delete it.

4- We will send you an email with a code to delete your token, insert it on the form and click on "Verify code" button. If you have 2FA enabled, please use one code from your Google Authentication app or use one of your backup codes.


    - Please check your spam inbox if you don't see the email.