Share your Token With ME

Share your Token with ME (Rules and requirements)

Read the following rules about participation:

Your video should have a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 3 minutes

Each token creator can send only 1 video, 1 submission, if there is more than one submission your video may not be taken into account.

Videos should have an over-acceptable quality, all videos should look clear, not out of focus or blurry, whether recorded with a smartphone or a video camera.

The format should be a standard 1920x1080p Horizontal video.

Use a medium shot or closed up. Do not use extreme close-ups, bent shots, or a shot chopping your head (Examples)

Avoid having an underexposed or overexposed photography for your video (Examples)

Average smartphone’s sound quality is good enough, yet you should avoid any existing exterior noises that can interrupt your audio. Speak close enough to have clear audio or use another device to record.

You can also send an SRT file with your video. For any community you'd like to communicate to: Arab, Spanish, Polish, etc.

Each video should be answering to the following proposed questions: (even though your creativity to answer is important)

All videos should be submitted through Telegram to the Admin @marysch during the specific time

  1. Video
  2. Quality of image and sound
  3. Specifications about content
    • Why did you create your token at
    • What is the purpose behind your token
  4. Submission period
  5. All submissions should be made within that time. An announcement will be made when the submission period is over.


  6. Submission
  7. Personal disposition
    • The video should be creative, positive, and promote the good use
    • You can ask a friend to ask you questions and help you speak more naturally
    • Don't forget the video is meant to promote your token, do your best!


All videos submitted can and will be used for marketing purposes.