How to recover funds send to an Ethereum address by mistake?

As we received multiple reports about users sending MINTME to Ethereum addresses, we felt the need to write a guide about how to recover those funds. This guide will work for MINTME units sent to ETH, ETC and any other currency wallets based on the Ethereum code and using the same wallet/address structure:

           1 First, we sent some MINTME to an address we created on the Ethereum network. It is safe to assume that if you sent MINTME to an Ethereum address, you hold the private keys for this address.

           2 Secondly, you should check this Ethereum address on the MintMe Coin block explorer to make sure that the MINTME units were sent there.

           3 The third step is to find the private keys of your Ethereum address. The way to find the private key might slightly change according to the wallet you are using (eg. Myetherwallet or Metamask). Once you've got them, go to your desktop MintMe Coin wallet and paste your private key to login into your wallet.

And voilà, the address was added to the Desktop MintMe Coin Wallet and the funds were recovered.

Please note that you can’t use the mnemonic phrase option to recover funds lost this way, using an Ethereum mnemonic phrase will generate a totally new address that doesn’t contain any funds.