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BitMint (BMT) is the official Token, created to give faucet members the ability to gain profit by frequently visiting BitFaucet as 50% of the monthly income (gained via ads and affiliate marketing) will be used to buy and hold BitMint. That way, BitMint will gain guaranteed value! The initially released amount of BitMint is set to 3.000.000 of 10.000.000 wich will be released over the next 3 years (subject of change to a longer period up to 5 years). We are updating our Roadmap... Stay Tuned!

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Buy More BitMint!

We are distributing 200k BitMint at special Rates again! Limited Offer!

To the Mooooon!

We told you yesterday to prepare for the next step! Did you? BitMint jumped by 180% after our first revenue investment. You better don't miss the next one `:) [ol][/ol] Marketcap over 100K now!

Price Jump Detected!

By tomorrow as our plan for BitMint, we are going to put 50% of Ads revenue into the BitMint economy. [ol][/ol] Long Story Short [ol][/ol] By doing this, the overall supply of BitMint will shrink and the value increases drastically! Prepare yourself whil it's cheap

Distributing Cheap Coins Again!

We are distributing some cheap coins again! Starting from 0.005 for 10k! [ol][/ol] Grab yourself a share of BitMint! They won't last long that cheap ;)


We are overwhelmed by your respond guys! [ol][/ol] As we decided to make some changes on the Token Economics soon, we are going to distribute more BitMint on a lower price right now! Hurry up and grab your self a share of BitMint. [ol][/ol] Don't worry about the value, we are going to hit the 0.1 MINTME per BitMint very soon!

Yes We Like!

Do you like our new Logo as much as we do? [ol][/ol]


At this early stage of BitMint, we want to drop a special "Thank you!" to our first three investors! [ol]  [li]Sheikh94[/li]  [li]MintedBTC[/li] [li]ELfromR[/li] [/ol] We appreciate your early support and want to reward your trust. Simply drop your MINTME address as a comment (or send it to me via pm) and we will send you 5 MINTME!

Ongoing Airdrop

Hurry up guys, only 99 Drops left! [ol][/ol] Earn additional 100 BitMint by simply sharing one of our posts!

The Voice of BitMint

Airdrop Incoming!

We want to share some love with you and created BitMint's first Airdrop! [ol][/ol] First 100 participants will receive a stunning amount of 1000 BMT! [ol][/ol] All you have to do is to Retweet one post!

PreSale #1 Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of BitMint's PreSale #1! [ol][/ol] At this Stage we are distributing 250.000 BitMint for just 0.025 MINTME each!

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