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Continental Info and Availability

No tokens will be added to the platform. Tokens are free to grab on the faucet and easily integratable. The continues release of the tokens is seperated from the the site so new tokens will arrive in a seperate wallet. 1 million tokens (About 1/5th of the half of what is released since now) is locekd away in the contract never to be seen. Unless you grab some tokens and have fun with it. I reset my pricing stategie, it wans't fair for the faucet that has been running so therefor i lowered the buy in prices of the remaining tokens. Once the faucet runs out, the variables will change and there will be more fee with less tokens. If people want to add a deployed token, conctact me! (Oh and if you have some web3 knowledge, i'm facing a bug i can't fix and if you could help me i'd pay you in BCH tokens)

Faucet Upgrade!

I've noticed that i'm actually not doing any help by putting the faucet super low, so i made a new contract and you can drip as many continental tokens as you want, starting from 1 token per hour, up to 50 tokens in 45 minutes. I've locked 1 million tokens to the contract and i can resupply them when needed. This will bring in some more interactivity for everyone![p][/p][p]Visit now: [url=][/url][/p][p](Press Control + Shift + R if you have used the faucet before)[/p]

YAF: Free Continental!

I'm working on a project, and i've put another faucet available for people with metamask. I can add more faucets for deployed and non deployed tokens on the MintMe chain. Listing fee will be 1 continental token. (Not the undeployed website tokens). The AMM behind is currently still under construction as there is an error preventing tokens to be swapped. Keep a close eye tho, it might be the next place to be where you could add created tokens like Uniswap, pool them and give them MintMe value like that. You can find the faucet on:

Continental Faucet Partner

You can grab some free continental on the Earnerschannel Faucet! Withdraw to your web balance to when you reach the required amount, or withdraw to your metamask instantly!

Continental Token Info

Continental Tokens (CONTINENTAL)[p][/p] [ul] Explorer [/ul] [ul] Adress: 0x8D71f14aF3c689f60d554E51e1bf3015281B0B29 [/ul] [ul] Minted: 10,000,000.000000000000 [/ul] [ul] Initial Release: 5,000,000 in locked storage, release continues on [/ul] [ul] Release Period: 50 Years [/ul] [ul] Project Lead: PRSS [/ul] [ul] Deployment: Thanks to the community. [/ul] [ul] (Most) Website Coding: MineMintTeam; edited by Jones. [/ul]