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[p]GAMER put us on MTCG this month, you can now earn DarkMark on the MTCG miner or start an activity or contest for DarkMark in groups on Minds. [/p] [p] You can also transfer your owned MTCG card on MoMint to @DarkMark and I'll give you 5 DarkMark per MTCG printed on the card! Comment your DarkMark wallet deposit number on the cards comments after transfer [/p] MTCG Miner [url=]https://mtcg.glitch.me[/url] MTCG Activities Blog [url=]https://www.minds.com/MindsGaming/blog/activity-proposal-1346599183334772749[/url] 💀☠️

Start Trading DarkMark

[p]DarkMark Is Finally On The Blockchain !![/p] [p]Please place some bid orders I'll be reaching out to GAMER to see if he can get us on MTCG.[/p][p]I will also be buying MTCG cards in the future with DarkMark if I can't claim or buy them soon enough.[/p] ☠️💀