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BSC to Stellar - FRED Swap

We now have a bridge from bFREDx (BSC) to FRED (Stellar) To use, you need Metamask and Rabet wallet, instructions here The bridge is at

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[p]Afternoon folks[/p] [p]We are progressing slowly but surely and want you to be in the loop of where we are[/p] [p][/p] [p]Please follow our socials so you don't miss project updates, lots of excitement coming in the next few months. Our project is a Tri-blockchain project on Stellar, ETH, and BSC and we are aiming for bespoke bridges in the future to easily swap between assets with a view to 1-1 swaps [/p] [p][/p] [p]Twitter - [url=][/url][/p] [p]Telegram - [url=][/url] pretty quiet atm due to lack of hype and fomo[/p] [p]Take a look at our Youtube videos to get a feel of what we are about [url=][/url] [/p] [p]Main website with more links [url=][/url][/p]

Arbitrage, trading and more info about FRED Tokens

[p]We wanted to give a little more information about our project and tokens[/p] [p]Our project is a Tri-blockchain project with tokens on ETH, Stellar and BSC, we have a max supply across all chains of 808 Million. 404 M are on the Stellar blockchain, 404 M on the ETH and BSC blockchains, why? read here [url=][/url] and our quick video here [url=][/url][/p] [p]Our token on mintme is on the BSC chain and is also tradeable on pancakeswap [url=][/url] [/p] [p]There maybe opportunity for arbitrage if you do the math, we are more project focussed [/p]

Finding our way around mintMe

[p]After spending some time looking through the features of this platform I have to say its different and pretty good. [/p] [p]Like the rest of our projects, it just needs more social media pump to bring awareness and more users[/p]

Introducing FRED Energy

[p][/p] [h4]We are entering a new era of technological innovation within blockchain, cryptocurrencies and green energy[/h4] [p]Our project combines these disruptive technologies with the aim of being a recognised player in the new blockchain enabled green economy[/p] [p]Since 2018, FRED Energy has progressed steadily towards its goals and continues to do so[/p] [p]Help spread the word by sharing and joining our socials[/p] [url=][/url] [p][/p] [url=][/url] [p][/p] [url=][/url] [p][/p] [p]Team - [/p] [url=][/url]