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[h1]Homelify Token Price[/h1] [p]Homelify is in a broad interpretation a stablecoin, but instead of following a fiat currency it follows the average price of rent in London.[/p] [p]At the time of writing this post, the average price of rent in London is 1,680.53 GBP, the price of 1 MINTME is 0.00000005 BTC, and 1 BTC is 42202.38 GBP.[/p] [p]This makes the price of 1 Homelify token 800000 MINTME[/p] [p]Just to get the market started, I'll start selling tokens with a 50% discount[/p]

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[h1]Mechanics of the token[/h1] [p]The value of the Homelify token resides on the promise that we'll buy the token back at the end of the lifecycle of a investment. Here's how it works:[/p] [h2]Minting[/h2] [p]When more investment is needed, we'll sell more tokens.[/p] [h2]Burning[/h2] [p]When the investment matures and produces profit (from selling a property or shares on the property), we'll buy the tokens back returning this profit to the token owners.[/p]