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About the Cinemadrom Blockchain Platform
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The CINEMADROM is the first UK company with an office in London to create a complex ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology for the new World Cinema - 3.0 and for this we use advanced blockchain technologies that allow us to decentralize as much as possible, reduce the cost and simplify the process of financing, film production and distribution.

For these purposes, Cinemadrom company сreated:
  1. 1) The MovieCash (MVH) token, which is required to finance film projects hosted on the CINEMADROM platform, as well as to launch and support the operation of NFT and DeFi platforms of the Cinemadrom ecosystem. MVH is also designed for trading on crypto exchanges. The MovieCash token is already listed on three crypto exchanges and the listing continues on other exchanges.
  1. 2) The NFT tokens that are tied to our film projects. NFT tokens Cinemadrom are providing the copyright control of films and film series. With the help of Cinemadrom NFT tokens tied to film projects, producers and users automatically receive the rights to watch and rent films, and streaming services can buy rights to show films and TV series in one click.
  1. 3) We are also developing DeFi a platform for financing film projects. Gradually, we are creating a complex ecosystem for cinematography and viewers that operates on the blockchain. The Cinemadrom ecosystem operates decentralized protocols that will be used by existing film studios, production companies, distribution companies, streaming platforms and various services related to the production and display of films.
More details about the Cinemadrom ecosystem and crypto assets as well as the DeFi and NFT tokens and movie series can be found on the official website of the Cinemadrom - Best regards, Cinemadrom team.
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