Bit Pound is Decentralized Coin deployed through Mint me Block Chain it's revolutional coin based on Bitcoin and Bit pound it's support Yearn.Finance through Defi Decentralized communicator follows and bass to Support Etherium to strongly hold the BitPound value to Bitcoin Now we Started to selling Bitpound coin 2nd face is to deploy BitPound coin through mint me 3rd face is to add other Block chains to make it easy for trade and exchange to other coins 4th Face is to Build Coin Bank like wallet for decentralized defi 5th Face is to invest Real projects to tackle climate and help other new business owners and Nonprofit organization to help them to Build better world

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05 Aug 2021
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10 000 000.0000
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9 884 332.7996
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50 314.0000
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115 653.2004
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