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WEB as solution for webmasters!

6 jun. 2018

We would like to announce that we are the team that created - most profitable javascript miner on the market!

Number one in Google

We are also the team that created popular free hosting with millions of users. We have many regional hosting services in local languages across 5 continents, we are working on page that will present all our hosting regions and give more information about our hosting solutions. So we won't reveal it's name yet, since presentation page is not yet ready.

Why this is important for WEB?

because we are creating ecosystem for webmasters to earn on their content.

As hosting provider with millions of users, and as one of the leading javascript mining solutions we will make WEB to be in center of it.
• it will be first currency minable via CoinIMP other than Monero
• it will be payment method accepted in all our services
• it will be earnable easly by a click of a button in hosting panel

Our team works only on projects than are mentioned above, we do not have more of them. We will focus on joining all 3 services (WEB, hosting, coinimp) together.

P.S. we are not revealing our biggest idea, because contrary to some projects, we announce only things we are 100% certain we can deliver. Biggest announcement will be made later, maybe even early next year. This new idea will be directly related to WEB but it's still in research phase so there is a chance it will be totally called off.