Dance and music

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Dance and music
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Dance and music tokens are aimed at dance and music lovers. Of course, investors are the ones who support this initiative. Dancers and musicians are the ones who create content. The dance and music show has been running for almost six years. It is already popular on several platforms. This dance and music show is aimed at people over 18. Videos should be at least one minute long. You need to share a dance or music video and not a picture. The dance and music show runs on . These are our supporters: Thank you! P.s. Support our dance and music token if you like to support this show.

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04 Jul 2021
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10 año(s)
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Últimas noticias
15:06:50 03 Jun, 2023

Dear dance and music lovers You know that you can create up to five tokens with the same account. I have created a token recently that will support my work. I will also support your token if you support . Have a nice weekend!

15:06:50 03 Jun, 2023

Dear dance and music lovers Create a post at then share the link here as a comment. The amount of Dance and music tokens, that you will receive, depends on the quality of your post. Don't share your link here if a new round has been announced. Have a nice day!

12:06:26 02 Jun, 2023

Dear dance and music lovers Yes, it's that simple. Share your dance or music video URL here as a comment. You Should Be Dancing Have a nice weekend!