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a decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem . Legacy provides intergration to interact with diffrent blockchains on a single platform by simplicity of a single click. Manage all your Defi on across all on one platform with the lowest gas fees. Legacy is a Next Gen crosschain. -EVM Compatible. -Proof of Staked Authority. -Cross-Chain interaction with all blockchains, by one simple click. -Block time ~3 seconds. -Metaverse -Web 3.0.  -Nft Total LC Supply 300,000 LC Burn is implented,making it a sought after resource, Legacy will burn trough out event’s to benefit the long term holders. LEDGER VISA DEBIT CARD,YOU CAN PAY IN 50 MILLION RETAIL STORES WORLD WIDE WITH UR LEGACY TOKENS, THAT ACCEPT VISA.🌐website Www.legacycash.org

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06 Apr 2022
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Legacy audit https://medium.com/@Legacy_Cash

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