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Money spent here will go to token creator. If you don't want to support this token and you are interested in lowest possible price, use trade option.


Board plays all tokens out!

All of our tokens are burned but what’s on the board. These tokens may increase in value based on their limited supply. Trading seems very slow. Biden looks to print money and we got a very fixed and limited supply after coin burn. (I think we have 300 coins) got to get them by airdrop or raising bids or someone selling down or buying up.

Democrats United Follows DogecoinX Accepting the LIBAS currency!

We have decided to follow DogecoinX in accepting LIBAS currency for Our Tokens as well! We will now be willing to trade 45 LIBAS Tokens for 1 Democrats United! We will do this for up to 90,000 LIBAS (2000 Democrats United).

We bought back 270 tokens.

Not much on news but we had to buy back 270 coins because we only had 30 which we had to buy back as well. We were thinking we got 48/coins per hour but where are they??? Anyways what is on the board are ALL the rest are in a random number wallet that hasn’t been created. So burnt! This could do anything. Supply side is right! We hope to see future value whenever we receive coin release. But never more than 25k coins released per year. Remainder burned.

We had to buy back

We had to buy back a few tokens for airdrops and things. We didn’t realize we didn’t get tokens every hour.

17 holders!

Up to 17 holders and they are holding large free stakes since there are only 100,000 tokens!

We hold a total of 30 Democrats United

We burnt the rest thinking we got 48/hr but haven’t seen any of them. New to this. How does the release period work and where do they go? I thought we got them to distribute. Anyways only 100,000 coins on this one!

100,000 coins only! Rest are burnt!

100k coins. Positions are locked except for 100 issuance coins those may be repriced. All the coins are on the market and first 25,000 coins are in their positions. We think the coin structure and issuance is productive for investment and donations. We hope this give you a good market to trade and hope that liberal inflation drives this coin to the moon! Together we are stronger!

Whoops Burnt ALL the coins!!

Had to remove a .2 order to pay for airdrops and shares. Only 20 tokens for now! 100k on the market 1,911,000 just burnt to this address... 0x1d157830e3d15c1f5c819f8f8618aa58279042c8 Hopefully nobody used that. 👌. So all coins are on the board let’s play! 20 year release term!

Those Damn Democrats Burn 1.9 Million Coins!

So we decided that we have way to many coins. And like money, we burnt it to support you! 1,900,000 unless someone gets those free! 🤣 anyways will know in like 5 minutes! Hope if I change 2 numbers will be enough! Only 11,000 coins extra in the bank with 100k coins on the board! Have fun!

100k hard cap on coins!

All coins are on the board minus a couple airdrops and a small prelaunch purchase. We hope this is fun and offers a lot of upside for investors! We will not release any more coins until 2022! And only 25,000/year!

We are deployed on the blockchain!

We are on the blockchain! 39,000 mintme! Let us move forward! After reviewing some coins we have come to this coin offering. We will be limited dilution and donation based. We thank you for the 14 holders we have!

Looking to get on the blockchain!

If we receive enough donations we can make the blockchain!

Share rewards

We are want you to share this and let’s see if we can make the leaderboard!

6 holders! Restructured Pricing!

We have decided to let this coin be issued for trading as well as donation. If you feel like donating use that donation purchase. Donation purchases go towards the cause, while trading tokens can be purchased from traders to create a stronger secondary market. We thank you for your support!

We now have 5 holders!

We just started and now have 5 holders!

Thanks for looking we need your support!

We are constantly looking for ways to help create funding. Mintme was recommended for us. If you want to help $1.00 currently buys 2.5 coins and would really help out! If you earned money in crypto or have extra money and want to help a good cause then this is a good place to donate!