ERC20 & ERC223 Smart Contracts & DApps enabled blockchain Secured by Websites & Internet of Things

coin-processor Coin is a transparent, egalitarian, ASIC-resistant and smart contract compatible blockchain protocol, built to be mined via websites. Our project already supports Coin website mining. Coin is not a token, but full blockchain so please use our wallet to send and receive MINTME.
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Mintme EcosystemKey Facts!


Secure DApps from any device

With Coin, it's possible to use resourses of Internet of Things or any device that can render JavaScript to mine.

Decentralized and ASIC-Resistant

We designed and implemented our own fully customized version of Lyra2 hashing algorithm. To stay ASIC-resistant in future, we will keep updating it regularly.

Fair distribution. CPU minable

By making Coin mineable, we make sure that everyone can mine it. Neither ASICs nor GPU miners will have big advantages over CPU miners. We believe such distribution of coins is much more beneficial for the community

no ICO

Since this project is meant to be for everyone - not only for those with deep pockets - we are holding no Initial Coin Offering.

Very fast transactions

Our on-chain transactions are among the fastest - only 10s. Adding off-chain solutions will make them instant.

Transparent, botnet unfriendly

The transactions made on our blockchain are entirely public, so Coin won't be a friendly place for botnet attackers or any sort of harmful illegal activities.

No Airdrops!

Our team believes that MINTME is too valuable to be given away on a massive scale. Everyone has to earn MINTME to get it!

Same Address, Different Blockchains

We have our own blockchain and at the same time we kept full compatibility with Ethereum. It means you can use the same private key to access the same address in both blockchains. To access MINTME you have to use webchain wallet.

Whole Ecosystem

This is not just a coin, this is whole ecosystem. Please check out projects below that fully support MINTME. We have rebranded Webchain to Coin to better represent true values.

Here you can not only trade MINTME
but also create your own token based on it!

You can also use classic exchange trading MINTME

What is MintMe?

MintMe is a new and innovative way of crowdfunding. In MintMe you can create your own token or create a project focused on your supporters. It's also a social platform where traders can interact with token creators and other traders.

You can create your own token for free and encourage others to support you, earn and help by supporting your favorite creators, socialize with other creators and traders and earn through our referral program.

It's very easy so, come on and

Website monetization via CoinIMP

Our two projects CoinIMP and MINTME are going to create full ecosystem for webmasters to monetize on their websites, breaking Google Adsense and Facebook ads monopoly.


  • Complete redesign of
  • Listing on several top exchanges
  • Bounty campaigns
  • Token shops
  • Release of v2.0
2023 and beyond
  • Support for USD
  • NFT Marketplace
  • DeFi token swaps
  • Metamask
  • Mobile App
  • Inside Games
  • Many additional features for token creators and fans
We prefer to suprise you than overpromise so we reveal only the things we are sure we can provide without delays.