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Blockchain crowdfunding. Is it getting better?

13 nov. 2019

So it will happen with token trade and the concept of money we’ve been using so far. Talking about blockchain crowdfunding implies token creation.

That’s the same question a famous music song starts with. I believe we need to break down several statements if we want to have an answer for it. You may have one of your own but it shouldn’t be something simple. Nothing digital is to be taken simply; not even if it was meant to be so.

Talking about blockchain crowdfunding implies token creation. If we are going to come up with some ideas, we should start by conceiving that tokens are assets, in so many ways. Having said that, it would be good to bring on some insights about it.


How many things an asset can be?


Perhaps the most common scenario for a conclusion is to consider them an investment. Being an investment is why tokens, as digital assets, have met with so many legal issues. Governments can’t stand investments they can not supervise beforehand. They claim it is for protection, that it is part of the struggle against money laundering. It might be so, but it is not only because of that for sure. Besides, that’s not the only thing an asset can be.

Assets are inventory too. There is a whole thing, especially in crowdfunding, that defines a project as such. A project and its purpose in this case. That whole tends to be split. An idea for encouraging people to make it possible. Digital tokens, as assets, can become such pieces; many pieces that need to be granted, mostly through purchase or exchange.

Assets are vehicles. The type we should start considering. A project to crowdfund requests a vehicle and this is the most optimum type: the digital tokens. Every time we bring up the blockchain crowdfunding topic, we imply the use of the digital token as the vehicle.

Assets are cash, of course. The fact we can turn them into an expression of money makes them a prominent instrument for a project to rely on.


This has more to do with the use rather than its type.


Absolutely. Digital tokens will be the tool to crowdfund. will be the prominent platform for its achievement.

You create a token through This is a simple fact that will open up a variety of considerations. First of all, the token will worth a certain amount of mintMe coins. You will be able to exchange mintMe coins into BTC at any time, you will have a wallet for such operations.

You can check the tokens and their behavior in the trading section. There are more than a thousand tokens available to see, to study and believe in. Each one of them is holding value, and that value is subject to performance. We could see it as the accountability of each creator. There is at least one project behind the tokens available. Such projects are awaiting for support.


We could spread the voice too.


Once joint mintMe, we could just refer others and get a share of what they do on the platform. There are many ways to work with this and get ready for the next step. This is the stage of the novelty still. Lawmakers keep trying to make this fit. Many people have not yet considered token trading.

It is a process. There are many who came from the time when services were given in person and local, not through a computer system, and of course not through the internet. Expansion meant gathering more people in situ; more hands rather than more equipment. Many things have changed ever since and we’re just talking about twenty years grosso modo. Few students consider going to the public library with a notebook to write down an explanation of anything the don’t know about.


That thesis, antithesis; synthesis formula to get things.


The eagerness of researching has been moved to the smartphone. It became something different. I dare say it has faded away as an impulse. Perhaps not so quite. We kind of came back to the consensus. That thesis, antithesis; synthesis formula to get things. We’ve just changed the language and the mechanism. We have just put it inside the pockets of the people. That must have meant a philosophic change.

So it will happen with token trade and the concept of money we’ve been using so far. Is it getting better? Do you feel the same? Will it make it easier on you now? Check and get into this innovative way of business relationships based on mutual support. Eventually, there will be many more projects and interactions coming from the ones already on the platform. Why not being part of it already? It is indeed getting better.

By Orlan Silva @OrlanSilva