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Blockchain: Proving itself reliable

16 mar. 2020

“The Blockchain does not close and it does not take vacations.”.

In life, we need to overcome critical situations to prove ourselves, whether on purpose or just following the destine that we encounter, this is something that must always happen. But, we aren’t the only ones, every new invention and every initiative must go through hardship to prove that is what it says it is and that not only by words but with facts, is worthy of appreciation, consideration and massive usage. Something like that happens to blockchain technology nowadays, it goes through the process of showing unbelievers that is more reliable than we ever imagined and that the usage of it can really change the way human being have been interacting socially and economically until now.

Getting people closer

By allowing trustworthy and direct transactions the blockchain has brought people closer to one another. Usually when it comes to market and business relations people look for a third party that can, either recommend you or is a witness for security reasons also. But blockchain made it possible for the two parts to get to a conclusive business contract in which they both feel sure that their word will be respected without the need of a third witness.

Some people ignore how important this is, the fact that we can be closer actually means that business deals can be done more quickly but not only business deals but even for family matters. Imagine if it's you having family in a foreign country, would you like to be able to send money to your family, or even share intimate and confidential documentations with them without having to pay high fees or have your information disclosed by other people?

Just like that we now count on blockchain crowdfunding to be able to support others and earn support with security and directly, without paying high fees or getting our money "on hold". Through blockchain crowdfunding our money is ours, and our connections with the people who support us are real

It does not take vacations

Another important thing to point out, more during these times with the convulsing world and the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the worldwide call of quarantine. It is not a secret for all of us that whenever society stops working money is lost and important matters are delayed. Even one of the most important issues, which is the market and money transactions.

I'm sure we all can relate to banking issues, whether a transaction we expected didn't reach us, or when credit card gets blocked, the bank closed that day, we didn't finish a business contract because we needed a sign or extreme paperwork, and so many other things we can mention, but custom cryptocurrencies aren't like a bad bank, they are always there and we have complete access to every process within the blockchain

“The blockchain has brought people closer to one another ”.

Blockchain does not close, does not take vacations, and it is not affected directly by any social or political spectrum since it works on the internet and it is powered by the community who forms part of it. It does not depend on the legal measures the governments take in closing centers of commerce, banks, schools, concert halls, and others. This is how blockchain demonstrates that is it reliable and that even more now people have the chance to turn themselves to cryptocurrencies and to the mutual support and egalitarian environment.