MintMe 2.0 development update and wallet transparency

13 jun. 2022

          We are working hard on version 2.0, it will be released by end of this year. We are also working hard on many other fronts related to MintMe which we have not revealed yet, but you will see the first results of that work very soon.

We have also moved pre-mined funds to purpose-made wallets to be more transparent. As promised at the beginning of the project, we are not going to touch those funds until we achieve great success and even then, we will do it in a transparent way for the benefit of the project, which means, we will communicate on how the funds are used.

Funds are now on these 3 wallets made for specific purposes: treasury 150M 0xC65CDF2c4c52Dbf8f9e3BA5e25821d3Dc9B05D8c

Development & Team 100M 0xFD271Ecf7F1DFFC783Cae6070aB2e0C617Ba8029

Founder 100M 0xc82853eEB6057B23875e10AEf9D7E638C9d197DF