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  • Dance and music tokens are aimed at dance and music lovers. Of course, investors are the ones who support this initiative. Dancers and musicians are the ones who create content.
  • There are already existing events that have been running for a long time and the Dance and music tokens will be used to deliver prizes to the participants.
  • Now you can take part in the dance and music events that run on this platform. Visit,
  • Share your dance or music video as a comment on the post that announces the Dance and music show if you like to take part.
  • Share your MINTME deposit address if you like to receive 15 MINTME.
  • Share your Dance and music token deposit address if you like to receive 15 Dance and music.

It's even better if you are a token creator who takes part in the dance and music show. Every time you take part in the show, your token will receive a 15 MINTME donation. The video you share must be yours.

Created on:
04 Jul 2021
Release period:
10 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
4 165 988.2148
Not yet released:
5 834 011.7851
Wallet on exchange:
3 101 200.5110
Active orders:
1 011 090.8720
1 999.0400
Sold on the market:
7 149.1944
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
00:12:28 03 Dec, 2022

Original relaxing 😎😎😎 music - January

22:12:41 02 Dec, 2022

      Dancing to Amor a Primera Vista
    Have a nice weekend!

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