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The Blockchain Game: The Defense of the Inca Empire - News

We are grateful to the people who follow us on the official Facebook of our Game, since it is already reported that they are added as official cryptocurrencies to the game Chilpi (Chillpi), IntiCoin (INTI) and CasferInka (INKA) all are cryptocurrencies of our empire- This game will not need to download a special application to the computer but it is believed that over time they will be created for Android and I-phone.

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IntiCoin communicates that the IntiCoin domain and IntiCoin I-commerce delivery service changed the web address: [url=][/url] the previous website: [url=][/url] (it will serve as a School of for our Traders) from there our Traders can have control, financial monitoring of the Asset: INTI and Crypto Asset: IntiCoin (INTI) |*| Posted and Spread by #IntiCoin #IntiCoinINTI #IntiCoinEnPeru #IntiCoinPeru #INTIenPeru

Soon new web domain in IntiCoin (INTI)

Soon new web domain in IntiCoin (INTI)[url=][/url]

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[yt]Dfwf9SbUgHg[/yt] Movie Official IntiCoin (INTI)

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IntiCoin - Initiated changes to the IntiCoin website from today we started with a new web design and other tools such as IntiCoin Bank, IntiCoin Tienda, etc ... #IntiCoin

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IntiCoin presents Peruvian Travels agency of Cusco web: [url=][/url] as another company that already receives IntiCoin and joins our cryptographic family in Cusco - Peru #IntiCoin

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[p]Product Information This is a gift card. After purchase, you will receive an email with the gift card and instructions on how to use it. The card can be used as payment for any of our products. [url=][/url][/p]

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