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An investment token representing cross-chain and real-world assets. A combination of passive gains, buy and hold strategies, and minimal speculative plays. The goal is to create a fun ecosystem that rewards investors with tangible returns.

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28 Nov 2022
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2 000.0000
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2 año(s)
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7 168 453.2405
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2 107 612.9738
5 000 000.0000
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1 249.5000
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2 831 546.7594
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23:02:25 23 Feb, 2024

Greetings. The WUWEI token is waking up. The token has been deployed to the Ethereum blockchain and a total of five million have been transferred off MintMe. The remaining tokens will be released between now and November of this year. The plan is to have several things in place by that time for an anniversary launch, but if not, at the start of 2025. I'll be working on setting up the initial liquidity on Uniswap before then. As WUWEI is an investment coin linked to my crypto investment fund, the initial price will match the share price as closely as possible (currently $1.77). Distribution and circulation will be limited at first to prevent huge price swings. Burning some is an option, but we'll see. I would like to take WUWEI cross-chain, so tokens for further liquidity is the goal. That's on the list to research. Thanks for reading! Check out The Way: https://app.enzyme.finance/vault/0x8e8a5a92d4505ba233f2cfb1af1793423975b26e?network=polygon

01:10:41 25 Oct, 2023

It's been nearly one year since I started my Enzyme investment fund (called The Way) on the Polygon network. It took some time to marshal funds and build the foundation with BTC and ETH. Add in some altcoins and earnings through Aave lending, and the fund sits +15%. Efforts are planned to spur investment in the fund over the next couple months and build out a community. The WUWEI token will be a companion coin to the fund. Once launched on the Ethereum blockchain and liquidity has been provided, it will offer opportunities to further reward investors through airdrops, staking, liquidity mining, etc. it also opens up the possibility of going cross-chain for more investments/partnerships. So please consider my token, my fund The Way on Polygon, and check out my profile on X. I'll be posting more and making announcements of upcoming promotions as the winter rears its ugly head. Thanks for sharing!

02:02:32 14 Feb, 2023

WUWEI is a companion token, corresponding to my Enzyme fund currently running on the Polygon network. The 670 tokens for sale at approximately $1 each represent the value of the fund as of today, allowing anyone to purchase proxy shares. I will be looking to set up liquidity pools, deploy to the blockchain, and release more tokens as deposits are added to the fund over the coming weeks and months. The fund is set up as follows (subject to change along with market conditions): 31% USDC 15% WBTC 15% MLN 15% WETH 4-7% each of GRT, LINK, SUSHI, WMATIC

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