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3 awesome tips to help you sell your token

Aug 1, 2021

3 awesome tips to help you sell your token

           There is no way a token can be sold by itself. We need to make plans to allow other people to see what we do and gain interest in our projects, and participate closely in the development of our campaigns as early adopters and hopeful holders. Of course, what is important as well as to create a market that moves instead of one crazy boost. Then let’s explore 3 awesome strategies that will help you sell your token faster and more effectively.

1 Share news continuously

          People like to keep themselves informed. A great way to encourage others to give you support by buying your token is that you generate posts and news to keep people on the same page as you and allow them to feel identified with your advances. Another very important reason why you need to be continuous is that our modern society is full of information: thousands of messages arrive in your supporter's folders every way, their social media networks burst with notifications every day, and, even though you shouldn’t be intrusive and go overboard, you should know that if you don’t keep the news coming there may be a chance that you'll be forgotten.

It’s easy to get distracted and forget when you don’t have anything to remind you. Yes, it doesn’t have to be every day but it is recommended to create marketing campaigns that can help your customers and followers keep on track and come back to you once in a while. Once again, not always has to do with you and your project, but if your brand is present it can be enough to let them know you are still there.

Some people take their time to choose if they want to put their money on something, trust, or make an investment. You have to plan to accompany them through the whole process of the funnel and share meaningful content that can touch their core at the same time that it invites them to become your supporters by buying the token you created.

2 Go visual

          To explain the importance of this part I need you to imagine reading a newspaper that has no images, crosswords, comic strips, or big flashy headlines. Just plain text put together on a huge paper. I’m sure that even though you haven’t read it you are bored just imagining it. That’s exactly how things work right now and even much more fiercely. People don’t want to read long text and plain messages, they want videos, gigs, comics, memes, pictures, and audio, they want you to make your information easier to consume.

If you want to sell your token better you need to forget about the old methods of promotion and get ready to make outstanding visuals and explain 2 pages of your project’s proposal in a 2 minutes video. Create infographics and interactive Q&As to make your followers participate more actively in your campaigns and understand your purpose.

Having audio-visual options for the consumption of your content means having a complete option for branding since you can make the content much more dynamic to attract new users and entertain those who are already loyal. This option is being increasingly used because it allows much more freedom when designing a campaign and at the same time we can exploit and take creativity to the maximum.

3 Learn from others

          There is no better way to learn what’s the best way to do something than learning from other’s mistakes and successes. Before starting any campaign, have you taken your time to do research and see how things are moving in your market? What have others been doing to sell and what have been some mistakes they have made?

The first step is to source the trading list and discover the advantages and disadvantages of marketing approaches, even getting to know the kind of client you are pursuing or better ways to share your ideas and setting a price and token release periods. Nobody indeed wants to be a copy, but watching others will also help you see what you lack and what you can do to make the difference, instead of getting stuck trying the same things others already did and failed.

Knowing what others do will also help you to set your journey and road map better, understanding the service you provide to people and building a stronger value proposition for your project and ideas.

Are there any special strategies you use to sell your token? Have they worked for you? Share them with us!

Mary Schwartz