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or earn on trading and supporting other tokens



Anyone can mint or create a token (coin) that represents themselves or a project that they have created for their fanbase and supporters to support them.
It helps content creators to realize their maximum potential through a new innovative way of crowdfunding. It's also a social platform where traders
can interact with token creators and other traders. Tokens are created (minted) on top of our custom decentralized blockchain called MintMe Coin.
When you create coin or create token, you become an owner of your own financial future. Create a token, create a coin for your project or yourself or just trade other people coins.

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If you are a content creator

Make your token/coin with just few clicks
Create an order to sell it on the market
Encourage your followers to support you by buying your token

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If you are a trader

Search for a promising content creator with potential for growth
Buy his or her token to support the creator
Trade the token once the Creator's value has increased

it's very easy!

Create your token/coin

Mint/create your token (coin) for free and encourage others to support YOU

Supporting favorite creators

Earn and help by supporting your favorite creators early

Socializing creators and other traders on Mintme

Socialize with creators and other traders directly on the platform

Earning from Mintme referral program

Earn through our generous referral program that gives you 50% of all transactional fees from each referred user


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mintme coin

MintMe exchange is based on our custom blockchain solution called Coin - smart contracts platform, created for the World Wide Web. Traders on our exchange will use MINTME to trade people tokens and on top of that all token creators who want to tokenize themselves, will be using MintMe Coin as base for their projects. This will guarantee real non-speculative demand for MintMe Coin.


When I create a coin, does it have any value? Coins are as valuable as you make them, you give them the value because they are a tokenized representation of yourself or your project.
I've created a token. How can I give it a real value? That's totally up to you. There are many ways to add value to your token. You may have a service that you offer in which you only accept payment in your token or you might want to create a reward system for your top supporters that hold a certain amount of your token. Get as creative as you want, you make the rules.
Why would I accept token instead of USD for my work? To get money when you need it. You might need tools to start earning, but you have no money to buy them, so how to start? By allowing potential customers to judge your offer and decide if you are worth their trust. If your offer will be credible, they could purchase tokens that will be worth your service, this way you first get tools needed for your work and customers get the service they needed.
Why would anyone believe in me or my coin? Because you have developed a reputation for yourself that certainly has value. You are a valuable asset that can be tokenized as such on the MintMe platform. Your supporters might also feel more comfortable in being able to benefit later from supporting you now.
Are there any guarantees when I buy other people’s tokens? No, there are no guarantees when purchasing other people's tokens. The demand of each token will solely depend on the buying pressure that the creator generates for their token through the method of their choosing. There are no guarantees that a certain token will increase in value just because it was created. We will provide verification tools to check if web pages and social profiles presented by token creators are official, but we cannot guarantee that each creator follows through with what they promised or proposed. Honest, ethical and hard-working creators should eventually be rewarded with large liquid markets that they have created from zero intrinsic value.
I'm really skeptical about this, what if a token creator is just trying to cheat me out of my money? With all that has ensued in the markets as of late, we totally understand your concern. Please be mindful, that it is always important for you to thoroughly conduct proper research on all token creators you plan to support and never spend more than you are willing to lose. Also, keep in mind that this is a form of crowdfunding so it might not always be your intention to even recoup your money. You could simply use this service as a donation platform and keep your tokens as a souvenirs of proof of early support. You never know, maybe one day the token creator that received early support from you, might decide to show appreciation for his or her early supporters and decide to buy back all tokens at a much higher price? The possibilities are unlimited.