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A beginner's guide to tokenization Part I: What is MintMe?

Jun 13, 2021

           Yes, we all want to enjoy the ability to send money quickly, the security of cryptography, and the freedom to easily transmit funds across borders. But not everyone knows where to start, so it’s fair to ask what MintMe is and how to use it to your own benefit. Well, let’s explore some possibilities from the perspective of a newbie/beginner.


An introduction to MintMe as a crypto project

          The crypto world has been expanding ever since the creation and launching of Bitcoin in 2009, by that time we (apart from a few believers) had no idea what it would become, and even now we probably still have just a small idea of the greatest possibilities of the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

MintMe started as a project believing in those great possibilities which is why it has created its own environment with its own features designed to find a solution to the problems other blockchains have been dealing with. Becoming finally “the coin of the people”, thanks to its accessibility and profitability. And now, as a platform for token creation is bringing the control back into the people’s hands, people that didn’t count with real possibilities before.

Because MINTME is also a coin that can be mined easily with any IoT device, nor like other coins that are built under the big monopolization caused by more specialized mining machines that just minorities can afford. MintMe has been taking the lead since its beginning in the process of pathing the way for cryptocurrencies to become midstream through equal coin distribution.


But, what is MintMe?

          MintMe project has different faces: As a blockchain, Coin is A functional, public, decentralized, and egalitarian distributed ledger structured by highly secure and transparent blocks containers of data. MintMe Coin has been created with a simple and profitable purpose: to secure DApps using regular CPUs to mine through scripts.

In a world where those with scarce resources are limited to achieve great things while the good opportunities are saved for those who have more, MintMe Coin offers a different view: even coin distribution. Egalitarianism is one of the greatest features of MintMe that pretends to remain accessible to millions of people simply with an IOT device.

The power of the blockchain allows MintMe to become an exchange platform. It means it is a place where you can buy and sell or exchange money for cryptocurrencies such as MINTME, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDC. You can also trade one cryptocurrency for another and choose the person with whom you want to make a trade deal, at the most convenient price or the best amount offered in the market.

“MintMe is the first of its kind to offer those services together: minting, trading, and crowdfunding with tokens. ”

Of course, the exchange feature applies to tokens, since tokens are recognized as digital currencies as well, and they can be traded freely among users. But MintMe not only allows you to find tokens to trade with them, but you can also create one on your own:

MintMe, the platform for token creation, is backed up by the MintMe Coin blockchain, it's very own powerful solution. Designed to allow everyone to create a coin and use it for their purposes, creating a fully functional environment.

However, MintMe is not only a token creation platform but also a place for crowdfunding. It is the first of its kind to offer those services together: minting, trading, and crowdfunding with tokens. A worldwide view that invites us to change, innovate and participate altogether. Every time the demand increases and equality must prevail for the good of the majority, this is what MintMe represents by giving opportunities to the poor as well as the rich, through tokenization.


How Does MintMe Work?

          MintMe has to be seen as a tool that offers different possibilities. One of them is that it offers the intriguing possibility of eliminating the “middleman” because it is decentralized, which means that Instead of relying on a government to print new currency MintMe Coin blockchain keeps track of where the coins are and ensures each transaction accurately, not counting on any government or bank as a third party. Instead of one human organization telling you what's done or not inside the system, every other person on the network, just like you, verifies each transaction.

So, with that reality as the base for MintMe as a token creation platform, the statement is the same “People are the owners of their own future”. MintMe works as a platform that allows people to utilize token creation for almost any type of environment and any kind of project. After creation and deployment to the blockchain 10 million tokens pass to be your very own tool for monetization however you choose to use it.

Inside MintMe people can trade tokens as they do in any other trading platform, but with the special characteristic that is it is meant to work as a crowdfunding system in which token creators can share content, spread news, inform their community on new events, communicate and receive donations.

           Explained simply there are two principal approaches to choose when you become a MintMe’s user.

1) You can be a token creator: Anyone can create a token that represents him/herself or any personal or corporate projects, personalizing it and setting the price of it. Backing up those tokens, and strengthening their value with content, special services, or original creations: a song, a video, a design, written content, or print t-shirt. Anything that could incentivize people to buy their token, and be exchanged in return for the people's support.

2) You can be a token trader: Every investor/supporter will be able to read each token creator’s profile and buy it if he so desires, supporting the campaign. Since every token created will be part of a trading chart, after the purchase, the token buyer will be able to offer those tokens for a higher price or hold them to see if the fluctuation works out in his favor, just like a trading chart is supposed to operate.


If you want to know more, please visit our KB section and join our Telegram and Discord channels to be in direct contact with our community and MintMe's support team.

Mary Schwartz