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Blockchain crowdfunding supports a worldwide network of donations

Jan 30, 2020

“ Should we wait until we found ourselves overwhelmed by the consequences of disasters or should we look for alternatives that can help us be united towards a better good?”.

Many people have the idea of living alone in the world and they never take the chance to look around, look others in the face and recognize other people’s needs. Recently, starting in late July, Australia was hit by blazes of fire in all its territory. More than 3,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. The worst wildfires seen in decades, with large swaths of the country devastated since a significant part of the Australian green territory got caught up in a deadly fire. Entire towns have been engulfed in flames, and residents across several states have lost their homes, about half a billion animals have been affected by the fires, the view of it brings hurtful tears to the eyes. Many people, from professional rescuers and firefighters to kids have been working nonstop to help save the people and animals lefts in danger in the bushfire zones. The whole world rises a voice for help in such a time of need.

Though it sounds sad, this kind of event is far from not happening ever again, due to the climate changes is likely to happen in other territories as well. But not only natural disasters knock the door of humanity. Hunger, poverty, and diseases harden the life of people all over the world every day and we cannot ignore it. Should we wait until we found ourselves overwhelmed by the consequences of disasters or should we look for alternatives that can help us be united towards a better good?

But this is not just blabbering about the need of wholehearted philanthropy, but to tell you that it is the way of technology, the way of mutual support the one that will lead our society to the best and it has already started. Blockchain technology changes the situation because it brings a new approach to the donation field, by incurring in the crowdfunding world and also opening the road for more free and faster transactions. Blockchain is creating a worldwide network of donations where everyone can participate.

Crowdfunding through the blockchain

To donate to groups or nonprofit organizations that work for the benefit of thousands of people in situations of real risk has never been easier. Every time more and more people get the awareness of different situations of need and create groups of help. This is amazing! But there is an economic/politic reality that sometimes can become an obstacle for those who need to crowdfund for their love project and those who want to help with the utmost sincerity: Since every country has its own law and fiat currency managed by a central bank authority it is sometimes impossible for normal citizens to participate freely with the worldwide community.

For example in countries like Venezuela, where there is no free exchange of foreign currencies, it is very unlikely that anyone would participate in a crowdfunding campaign that can only be paid with dollars or any other fiat currency that is not the one authorized by the government. Venezuela is just one of many countries with the same problem which means that a big mass of the population is practically unable to fulfill the dream of being of help for humanitarian causes.

Blockchain crowdfunding changes this. Projects like MintMe based on its own blockchain solution called MintMe Coin want to make it possible for everyone to participate in crowdfunding campaigns, through the creation of tokens and the free exchange of digital coins. Can you imagine? Thanks to the blockchain now anyone can take part and donate for the big causes.

By opening the doors to a more free and easier transactions in a person to person relation, blockchain has brought mutual support to the table, filling our society with a lot of hope. If you are one of the good hearts out there that have seen the needs and want to help the world become a better place by making small actions, this is a call for you. We hope that many will unite to help other people in need and become the voices of these alternatives meant to change the world and the people in it.

By Mary Schwartz