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Can custom cryptocurrencies help you earn more money?

Nov 24, 2020

           The crypto world is usually misunderstood as a world where the money is earned easily and without any effort or investment, or where money grows fast without us moving it or putting it into action. And even though it’s true that powerful cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have a bigger chance of growing in time by holding it, we cannot oversee the great opportunities behind the growing market of token creation and traiding.

           More than $5 trillion, or an average of $220 billion per hour is the amount estimated in the trading market. Although we cannot say that every trader always wins, since it’s a market where people need theoretic preparation and more, we can say that it is a market where everyone is allowed to get started at and can develop the skills to grow faster, and to be fair, blockchain technology is not only about trading super famous altcoins, but now it is also about token trading and the creation of custom cryptocurrencies.

Can I earn money creating my own coin?

“...things that actually sustain value, are things we work hard to maintain and prevail through time.”

To put it simply, yes you can, yet it is not a one way ticked where things appear by magic arts. Custom cryptocurrencies are a tool, a tool which you can use to earn money following steps to make it have value in the market and promoting it to a preferred sector or clientele. When you create a coin, you are creating a method in which you can allow people to connect directly with you and pay you from all over the world, but like any tool, their usefulness depends on the one who uses it and how.

The magic of token creation at MintMe nowadays, for example, makes sense because it is a way to allow people to crowdfund and trade at the same time, once you have created a coin with a purpose in mind, your coin can start growing in value as you make efforts to show it to a community and earn their trust to believe in your idea or project. When they buy for you and support your campaign they also get the chance of becoming “investors” or a growing project that can grow even higher in value, meaning that the coins they have brought from you, which may be filled with rewards or gifts related to your project also grew in value and can be then resold for a higher price.

Money that comes easy, easy goes.

           Making easy money has become a serious social epidemic that destroys the ideals of a healthy society where moral and ethical principles and values take precedence over ill-gotten economic rewards. In a society where many corrupt and sick sectors prevail, pleasure comes first than duty, scarcity, and impatience in people's minds, the greed of wanting to have everything at any price, wreaks havoc on the decisions that many make about their future and then take as their way out to sell their honor, their principles, their image and commit crimes that stain their lives and conscience by the mirage of easy money. This will also make many pay the consequences of their decisions with their lives, with their private freedom in a prison, and with the public shame that covers their actions, their honor, and that of their family.

We know that things that actually sustain value, are things we work hard to maintain and prevail through time. Those things that can actually generate money for us are the things that we plan and apply some effort into gaining. Even for the money that grows out of speculation, it will never be better than making it work for something bigger and even taking some risks sometimes.

“Since you can buy as many tokens as you want and from different kinds of campings and project, you could be holding numerous possibilities of earning money in the future.”

Coin creation can endure a lifetime

A particularity that tokens or coin creation has is that is a minting process that can last for a long time. Even if you decide to not put all of your tokens in the market at once, you can wait for a period of time to make them available, thus being able to offer them for a different price and even under a different purpose or project to support. As long as your marketing campaigns are working alongside it, you will be building a source of growing income that can work for a lifetime.

Not like other kinds of crypto trading, token trading depends on the success of a project. Those who become token traders, or those who want to purchase tokens with the purpose of monetizing themselves can carefully choose the campaigns they want to support smartly, considering their possibilities of success in the future. Since you can buy as many tokens as you want and from different kinds of campings and project, you could be holding numerous possibilities of earning money in the future for whatever project or various of them who reach higher popularity and grow in value due to scarcity and market speculation.

Custom cryptocurrencies can help you earn more money, but they are a tool that you must learn to use to be able to take advantage of all features that such a tool can offer to you. Allowing yourself to discover a market that is picking higher every day, as people strive for more trust and security and to become part of a strong digital era.

Mary Schwartz