Create a digital coin to know your client's opinions better

Dec 22, 2020

           Information is the most valuable treasure we have in modern times. It moves how we act, how we relate to each other, how we buy and sell, how we interact with the world and the people around us. In a less general view, is the data people emit when they express their opinion about your product and give you the hints you need to change, make it better, and offer what they need. Digital coins that we create can support early launches and provide the ideal environment where clients and creators can interact and share information.

The core of your business

           Knowing what you have and what you can offer is always the first step, but finding out what’s the best way to deliver it is also a process that takes time. For example, focusing on the launch of a new product is an exciting experience, but remember not to neglect your current business, give the opportunity to strengthen your business by allowing people to participate closer to you.

Focusing on the core of your business is something that digital coins can help you achieve, as discovering what are the things that you lack and need and how well a product is doing in the market. As well as allowing you to focus on your weak points to improve. If you already have other products for sale in your company, it is easy to forget about them with the arrival of new merchandise to your business if your focus isn’t clear, keep a balance between bringing the new product to life and promoting it, and sustaining your established company and allow your digital tokens show you your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing what your clients and followers think will improve the quality of your busines

Know the opinions of your clients

          The importance of customer feedback is a vital issue for the growth of any business.That's why analyzing the feedback received remains a common challenge for most companies due to a common reason: there is a huge amount of open feedback through multiple feedback channels, which is why a token you created can become your direct source to understand what your clients think and how the market fluctuates.

Because feedback and the customer experience go hand in hand, whether you are running a small business or managing a large organization, it is common for customers to share valuable information that can help your business. As simple as it sounds, the most effective way to improve the customer experience is to first ask them about their thoughts, opinions, and expectations, just like you do when creating a survey to launch a new product.

Once you have customer feedback, the next step is to transform that information into immediate action, hence the importance of customer opinion. But we often find a few problems when it comes to gathering such information and analyzing it. In other words, instead of wasting time client by client, wouldn't it be better to look at a representative statistic of their opinions? Isn't it more efficient and productive to design a good survey, which transmits to us the most relevant aspects of customer satisfaction? This as well can be achieved through the smart buy and sell of custom cryptocurrencies at MintMe.

“Information is the most valuable treasure we have in modern times. It moves how we act, how we relate to each other, how we buy and sell, how we interact with the world and the people around us.”

A trustable source of information

          Token creation is based on blockchain technology, which means that every transaction is recorded securely and forever. If you want to analyze your consumers' opinions, then determine what changes you need to make to improve your product, while watching their reactions to the products you sell using digital coins can be your strategy. Because there is no room for business decisions based on loose assumptions in a highly competitive market, you must gather and manage different data that will help you develop future strategies, but this data should be a source that you actually trust. Only in this way can you adjust your products and services to fit perfectly. The opinion of your customers is a resource that you must take advantage of to improve their experience and adjust your actions.

Receive the suggestions of your clients and you will know exactly where to allocate your budget to obtain the highest return on investment. You will discover that, for example, you do not need to develop more products, but you should focus on promoting your brand to get more exposure. You can as well check the opinions of your customers in your social networks, in the e-mails they send you, or in any other communication platform you have, and write down the improvements they suggest. Remember that your customer is the real owner of your products and who can make you succeed, or fail miserably.

By creating a digital coin you are also creating a bridge in which more direct communication is allowed and trustable information can be gathered, to allow you to know your client's opinions and improve your business strategies and ideas for the future.

Mary Schwartz