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Creating digital coins to promote your products to a wider audience

Nov 28, 2020

           If you are starting your business or trying to market a new product or personal project, you may be wondering if there are any good ideas to help you get started, and of course, if you are here it’s because you have some interest in knowing how creating digital coins can help you market your product more effectively and most importantly, to a wider audience.

There are many entrepreneurs who have excellent ideas and products, or who can provide good services. Business managers, lawyers, technology experts, artists, designers, engineers, or empirical business people who have in common the ability to develop an optimal business plan, but they seem to have something in common though: they have a hard time when it comes to communication.

Making your product reach people’s eyes

           Before starting to talk about digital coins or tokenizing our project we got to put into perspective why do we actually need to do it, and it is because we know that the endeavors of selling or putting a new product into the market start precisely by making people know that it exists and that they can purchase it for a specific need they may have, but, to make this happen there is a process in between and we should think about what we do in the eye of our clients first.

“Blockchain is a whole new philosophy about how people can connect with one another and make transactions globally as never before. ”

Creating a digital coin has to do with establishing messages about who we are and our vision. Like sitting down to think about everything you offer, the virtues of your product or service. All of this information is the background of your token and it's ultimately what makes it have value for other people. This is an exercise that will also help you establish what you will finally offer your customers and help you feel secure and don’t miss chances. You can develop this by answering these questions: who are we, what do we do, what are the benefits of my product or service, what is the difference between my business and the competition, what will be the contact emails and phone numbers, what are my social media, what kind of sell orders can I establish?

Another side of reaching people's eyes, and in direct proportion to the tokenization process, there comes the need of developing your line of graphic identity. Invest in the development of a logo, and image or invent a slogan that can emphasize what you offer. Nowadays there are many options, according to your budget, that can help you execute this point: from a specialized agency to a freelance design professional that can offer you alternatives according to your tastes and preferences. Generally, they will provide you with a logo design, brand manual, and variations or adaptations of it, according to your needs and this image can be easily embedded into your tokens and become part of the tokenization of your brand or project.

Communicating through your own custom cryptocurrency

           Coming back to the point we referred to in the beginning, sometimes we have excellent ideas and products but we may not know how to communicate such an idea. Then apart from starting up by answering important questions and having an image you also need channels that can confirm your credibility.

           Token creation is not itself what can assure that you have success marketing your project. On the contrary, creating a custom cryptocurrency will be endorsed by the fact that you have also created other channels to let people know about you. Such as working on your own website to have a starting point where all your information will be and become the place where customers will be redirected from other sites, such as social networks.

On the other hand, the tool of the new generations: develop your social networks. Depending on the type of product or service you offer, it will be determined which social network is more convenient for you. The social network par excellence is Facebook because it has friendly tools with which you can show what you do. If you want to show products in a more creative way, you can use Instagram; if you are an expert in some subject, you can use Twitter and develop short content so your followers keep updated about what you are doing. They all become what boost the trust people feel towards you and can give your tokens a ground to stand and they on their own account will be able to offer your product or idea the ability to reach more people, remain strong and independent.

Using tokens to reach a wider audience

           Blockchain technology isn’t only the platform that allows decentralized apps and mining cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a whole new philosophy about how people can connect with one another and make transactions globally as never before.

Thus using tokens to sell your products or even just as a means of offering special features to your clients is a step to take when you are set to reach a wider audience. Simply because creating digital coins is what will give you the chance to allow your clients to actually buy from you and interact with you more directly, because all things: social media endeavors, website building, e-commerce, digital marketing, can be unified through tokenization.

Mary Schwartz