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Crowdfunding through digital tokens. Worth it?

Nov 16, 2019

We always must keep in mind the abstract of what tokens could be. Blockchain technology might put this in perspective. The first impulse relies on support.

We call it blockchain crowdfunding. What else can we say about it? A lot actually. The fact that the market remains unready for a total implementation allows us to infer many things regarding it. One of them is the token tracking.

Blockchain technology has caused an impact because of its security; especially its transparency. This is one of the reasons its implementation is kind of controversial. Providing a vast lawsuit for a full acceptance requires several admissions.

A more prolific means to business

Not everyone in a position of power is ready to admit how the current system favors some over others, especially if involved. Blockchain technology might put this into perspective. People have the chance to create tokens based on new digital coins. This enables a more prolific border-crossing means among nations than the current system based on fiat money.

Blockchain technology is mostly for those who think global. How long might this take to govern? Imagine an election process based on a blockchain solution; in which a token represents a vote. It is why there are so many people discussing this matter because its full potential is beyond imagination.

Back to the tokens and the digital coin; has been released to fulfill such a purpose. A platform where you create a token for free based on their; a mineable ASIC resistant coin that can also be traded on several cryptocurrency exchange platforms. There are more than a thousand projects for traders to think about.

The implications of digital tokens.

This is so vast than we kind of step into an abstract area where we need to start setting limits in order to come up with something concrete. We must ask ourselves what our tokens could it be. We have check on it. An emerging duality between what we’re offering through the tokens and the expectations we might generate can take place at any moment.

What tokens could be then. Perhaps this is what we might do first. It will be the same on traders and entrepreneurs at this point. There is a project that aims its achievement using crowdfunding as primary means. For such a project, there will be a token creation and trade a posteriori. Imagine ourselves as traders, we join to see those tokens and watch how they evolve.

Is this an investment?

We’re stepping into the gray area of the law. We always must keep in mind the abstract of what tokens could be. It looks like an opportunity; an opportunity for learning how tokens behave in an exchange platform. There will always be an expectation of profit in anything we buy. Even if what we buy is to be wasted right then. The investment opportunity approach does not have to be the one concrete reason why we’re getting someone’s tokens. This is blockchain crowdfunding. It will imply further considerations.

The first impulse relies on support. We support a project through its tokens. The thing is that support becomes mutual eventually. The development of a project tends to generate expectations. I already mentioned that token trade through mintMe could be an opportunity for learning. Expectations might introduce us two animals: the bull and the bear.

We’re joining a community. We’re becoming part of a market creation that will grow based on the expectations of the users. During the abstract in which our process will be teeming, the emerging market is in part a financial market. Our own financial market.

The bull and the bear.

Prices of tokens rise and fall continuously during their trade. The name “bull” represents a period of a few months in which prices are constantly rising. This is very common in the stock market. I’m sure there will be periods like that within the community. The name “bear”, on the other hand, represents the opposite. Both periods complete each other when it comes to pricing.

In our attempt of an emerging community, the market will be represented by the token trade. These tokens will be the vehicles that users, as investors, will acquire to support the other users; the entrepreneurs, to help them accomplish their projects. The fluctuation of the token price might favor the token holder, and this is when we meet with the mutual support praxis.

Crowdfunding through digital tokens. Worth it? It surely worths to try.

By Orlan Silva @OrlanSilva