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Custom cryptocurrencies and sharing for a better 2021

Jan 7, 2021

           A new year is always full of high expectations, high expectations that usually can get us disappointed when we see that things aren’t going the way we want them to go. Even by this time, only a week into 2021 people get hectic over every small event that occurs, whether they are right or not to worry that much, the truth is that we think very little about the things we can change to make this year better.

But we aren’t talking about making a list of resolutions that we would abandon after a few months only, we are talking about a change of perspective that can actually become a more perpetual change for us the best way possible. You may be wondering then, how custom cryptocurrencies and token creation can join this idea of change and for that, we need to start talking about the underlying technology: Blockchain.

Blockchain and the new wave of thinking

           With the boost of Bitcoin reaching over $30,000 and targeting the $45,000, High people could easily forget that what makes Bitcoin and the rest of altcoins so valuable is the technology behind it all. Even though the Bull is important, we should learn to look at the real possibilities instead of looking only at the prices.

Blockchain, as we have said many times before, is not only a platform to make money transactions using cryptography, is a whole new perspective on how sharing and connecting is done, from a personal to a business level, is a new wave of thinking, and this wave of thinking can be then transmitted through the use of cryptocurrencies, especially the crypto coins that we create, such is the case of MintMe.

“...custom cryptocurrencies can make a change for the better this 2021 because they are built upon trust at the same time that they give people the power to share with each other...”

Custom cryptocurrencies mean sharing

           Because we are talking about a technology that changes the way in which we connect with one another through a ledger of trust, we are also talking about sharing inequality. This is the part in which custom cryptocurrencies can make a change for the better this 2021 because they are built upon trust at the same time that they give people the power to share with each other without so many limitations such as distance, politics, and even social differences.

Solidarity leads us to a happy state of action and generates well-being, our interpersonal relationships are fed back by creating empathy. Cooperation and not competition is what makes us evolve and historically has made us develop over time. Acting in a group and sharing is part of the evolutionary changes we need as human beings, then once again we can conclude that it is the technology and the philosophy behind it and not the prices, what make digital coins so valuable.

With this idea in mind, wouldn’t you want help creating the best situation for everyone this 2021? Focusing on the many possibilities that blockchain can bring and promoting equality through token creation as well as allowing people to share with one another with freedom, is what can truly change the game for us. Starting with ourselves, and inviting others to join allowing the blockchain to become more reliable and strong.

Mary Schwartz