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Have you already pictured yourself among token creators and holders?

Nov 10, 2019

Over a thousand tokens have already been created with MintMe, that means there could be at least one project behind each one of those. We’re talking about more than a thousand ideas being developed right now and we have the chance to talk to any of these entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we can start our own project and be part of those token creators.

How would it be when tokens take over?

It is too soon but, when do we think this could happen? Some people believe we are not going to see that coming at all. Others think that if it comes, it will be within so many years. Perhaps not in our lifetime.

On the other hand, there is this massive propaganda that the world won’t get that old after all. Left and right-wing devotees are taking any government measure as an excuse to take it to the streets and start sabotages. Is this happening by chance? I think it is time to put some things in perspective.

Fiat currency.

Most of the sovereign nations are in control of their currencies. Some of them have promoted a sort of exchange surveillance so they can have full domain over their economy. That might not be happening in your country but it is happening elsewhere for sure.

Cryptocurrency implementation defies any glimpse of domination a government may have over its people. Furthermore, it is also a tool on those cases where some government introduces a bill against another. This is why it can’t be fully restricted. Cryptocurrencies have become necessary nowadays.

Why so many restrictions then?

Blockchain technology is showing the world a tacit lesson of egalitarianism. This might be annoying to some. Perhaps that’s why there are so many restrictions. Many discussions, including legal prosecution, have been taking place regarding this subject. However, there’s a true commitment to getting to a proper lawsuit. Several countries have already issued suitable bills and some others are still working on it. They are the ones we could call crypto-friendly countries.

Tokens play a role.

They have huge potential. They have opened up the doors of perception (and intuition) Despite their detractors, they can become the prominent asset sooner than many are afraid of. This is how we are so far. Many people are taking chances on token creation and trade. We can sign up at and do it for free in a few steps.

We could dabble on tokens trade at mintMe. It doesn’t have to be about token creation only. They have more than a thousand projects we may read and study. We could set the initial price on some of them. There was a time when the US dollar was worth more than the Euro. Something like that could happen to the tokens we get to hold.

I could just get into token trade while I make up my mind.

And see how your choices evolve. mintMe has this chart where you can study token movements and their behavior. This will give you a perspective on how the Economy might be eventually. Entrepreneurship, despite all this pushing impulse one gets to feel (due to Social Networks perhaps) does not have to be a lifetime obligation.

Social Networks tend to have an influence over your perception. For that, I’m certain you have already pictured yourself among token creators and holders. I could guess you’ve been into this even before I was. You came here to see if there’s anything you have not considered already. If that’s the case, I would like to invite you to join mintMe and be part of the community. This could be the first time when this digital social interaction might have a profitable respond in the end.

I am part of the community.

That’s good because there will come a time when all these projects, represented by tokens, will be fully implemented. If you have been a trader ever since you might be claiming a great deal over rewards. That’s an excitement all this embraces. The fact that we could be part of the foundation of a new society. At this point, we don’t get to decide so much, but there’s this hope we might someday.

What to do in the meantime?

We could study. We need to fit somehow the way we understand economic relationships with blockchain technology. Someone whose project consists of, for example, writing contracts following certain standard procedures and scopes, might use his tokens as exchange for such a service. That means, among a thousand things, that there is an actual service you could get through token holding.