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How can token creation increase trust for commercial transactions?

Feb 23, 2022

           Generally when people talk about customer loyalty they are not only referring to the fact that they buy consistently but that they do so because you have earned their trust. Trust is an essential element in any type of business relationship because it not only defines how your customers or followers relate to you but also what they say about you and whether they are willing to recommend you to others.

Especially when it comes to transactions handled 100% on online platforms, trust will determine whether people buy from you, become loyal and recommend, or leave. And that's where tokenization takes a major role increasing trust by providing several factors or features:


          One of the most serious threats to a company or project in the digital age is a fragile reputation. In the absence of transparency, the first reaction of customers will be to dismiss your project with bad reviews or comments on social networks and so on. Hence the creation of tokens can also be conceived as a manual aimed at those who want to learn to treat their customers with respect, closeness and humility, and want to grow their business from personal and professional ethics and from a work philosophy with values. Those who aspire to understand and share the rules of the Internet and the transparency of this medium that is changing the way we behave.

          Another important point is that people want to know that you care about them and what they need. In fact, there is no business in the world that gets applause for pulling people out of their store or making fun of the needs of those who follow them. In truth, any project is founded on the idea of offering people a genuine response to what they ask for.

Blockchain appears as the perfect method to foster egalitarianism and mutual support, as Blockchain creates more personal communications and transactions of all kinds through a decentralized proof-of-work network fulfilling the function of establishing trust and identity, as no one can edit a blockchain without having the corresponding keys. Each person is equally responsible for everything that happens on the network. This means that the main functions carried out by, for example, banks, such as verifying identities to prevent fraud and then recording legitimate transactions, can be carried out by a blockchain more quickly and accurately, ensuring that the money reaches those it should reach.

Blockchain allows you to be in complete certainty of where your money goes, since cryptocurrencies, unlike fiat currencies, cannot be revoked, furthermore, cryptocurrencies give you the possibility to expand your business to the world without borders, smart contracts are transforming our vision of ownership, exclusivity and data disclosure, since it allows both parties involved to have a deal that will be done without delay after meeting the settlement requirements, thus being irreversible, secure and highly reliable.