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Investing in other people’s tokens: Is it worth it?

Oct 4, 2021

           Tokenization has different faces indeed, and just like any other crypto-related initiative, there are many who use the chance to scam and deceive those who have less knowledge on the subject. However, tokenization also has opened the doors to the possibility of investing in real projects and startups with huge potential for success.

People = stocks

          Stocks are, more than ever, a subject of interest, in fact, many people started investing in the stock market in 2020 during the various phases we experienced with the pandemic, and the market has increased its value uncanny.

However, if you are a beginner one of the most important things that comes to mind is how would you do anything significant with little or no money at all. The stock market usually consists of financial instruments that are traded such as stocks, currencies, bonds, etc. It allows people to invest in the hope of making money with the increase or loss of value of the assets they buy or sell.

Thanks to tokens, as a new tool brought by blockchain technology, and thanks to projects like MintMe there is a new view of the stock market. This new view positions people in the place of the traditional stocks, meaning that people are now the object of value to trade through the tokens they create.

This new market, like any other, is based on supply and demand: if someone’s token is in high demand, its price increases because there are many buyers in the market. If the project/idea falls, there are more sellers in the market than buyers and the price could go down to stay afloat.

What can you win?

          Usually, the stock market allows companies to finance themselves by selling shares of their capital. When you become a stock investor, it also allows you to own part of a company's capital. Those shares might grant you the right to receive a dividend in the event that the company pays one or participate and vote in General Meetings of the company. But when people are stocks the comparison doesn’t go that far.

“Thanks to tokens... and thanks to projects like MintMe there is a new view of the stock market.”

Even if buying someone’s tokens doesn’t give you any right over their company or permission to choose (legally speaking) which route the company has to take, it does provide you with benefits in the form of services and rewards.

How to back up a token?

Every token can represent a person or initiative, meaning that the possibilities are as infinite as there are people in the world. Someone could choose to back up their tokens with his/her services as a narrator and offer exclusive narrations for those who buy his/her token while funding a bigger project with the money recollected.

A gaming startup could use their tokens to fundraise and incentivize people to invest in them by backing up their tokens with the opportunity to become first players once the game has been launched, or receive a certified copy and a demo for becoming an early supporter.

Depending on what you do, creativity will make the possibilities flow, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you come from. Tokenization can allow people to invest in others as if they were stocks, enjoying benefits while holding the possibility to earn in the future once the project has become successful.

In other words, this is not only a new approach to the stock market but to crowdfunding and trading with tokens.

Mary Schwartz