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MintMe DeFi Plans

Aug 12, 2020

You already know about what will be in our 1.2 version, but what about further goals? We have decided to share a little bit more although most of our plans are still not public:

We are currently designing DeFi functions which means that people will be able to send MINTME to any token creator and will get the creator's tokens back exchanged automatically. Patrons won't even need to register anywhere (or share their personal data to anyone) to donate and get someone else tokens in return. They just have to send MINTME to a specific address and they will get tokens in return.

We would also allow them to access exclusive token creator's materials in a decentralized way. This way patrons won't risk holding tokens on any centralized exchange. There is no expected date for these functions, but that's where we are going. Other than this - we keep improving features for content creators.