Mintme News

New Wallet

Mar 26, 2019

We have released new wallet. Link to Wallet on Github. It should improve performance on busy wallets + fix many random errors. Also it introduces webchain:// addresses in browser. full changelog:


Use of own web3 endpoint
Upgrade to Electron 4
Partial upgrade to Material UI v3
Upgrade to new JS SDK


Fixed multiple issues with remote endpoint
Fixed token.get is not a function
failed to fetch error happens disruptively
performance issues when transaction history grows large
memory leaks and growth in number of timers
Many bugs relating to switching networks
Upgrades electron to latest 3.x.x - Many performance fixes at the lower level. Many security fixes as well.
Fixed all dependencies with known security issues
overhaul transaction sending to display better information about the data component.
No longer crashes if vault is already running
Send max works more reliably now -- though is still not perfect
"Light node" is really "Remote node".
Fixes all failed to fetch bugs and Cannot read property 'transactions' of null
Addresses parts of How can i open multi wallets on the same computer? - allows vault to be running already when the wallet starts
Many other bugfixes


Added support for contract deploying via the webchain:// Transaction URI protocol.
Adds support Transaction URI handling. Wallet will now intercept the webchain:// protocol
format: webchain://?value=2.014e18&to=0xfb6916095ca1df60bb79Ce92ce3ea74c37c5d359