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New Year's resolution: Crowdfunding to start a business

Jan 7, 2020

“The crowdfunding world is for everyone, even more now thanks to the inclusion of blockchain technology. Anyone who has an idea, potential of any kind, or just a dream, can fundraise .”.

You may think a headline called "crowdfunding to start a business" is out of place because most people who create crowdfunding campaigns or start fundraising already have a business and just want to high up their capital. But I guess is one of the reasons why I'd like to talk about crowdfunding from a different perspective.

People who start from zero

Not long ago I was invited to a master class on communication and marketing methods for artists. We had some really good people from the media, successful and very convincing personas talking about their ideas and how important it was for people to understand the importance of marketing their products as artists and being able to gain influence to sell their products and earn money.

I think generally speaking it was fresh content, very centered and for people who understand how it works. But once they got to the part where they had to talk about methods that could actually work for normal people who needed to start from literally "zero", they were a little bit stuck, even more so when you face the reality that no everyone has the capital to start a business.

It is true that one of the first things you need to do when you are an artist (or have any project whatever your niche might be) that wants to make money doing what you do the bests, is join the social media and start developing a closer relationship with your possible clients. Even though you aren’t making money that way right away, you are creating the fundament for your career by letting people know you and fall in love with your work. Although there is still a long step to take to make those “likes and comments” into conversions that can enhance our future development as artists in means of proficiency.

Crowdfunding, yes or no?

After building your fan base you would need a place where your clients can actually go and pursue the products you sell, be it a song, a portrait, design, or written content. Usually, this is the hardest part, why? Because this is the part in which you need to put a little bit of investment. And, how are you going to invest without any money?

Crowdfunding does not seem to be a word that is in the mouth of everyone even though modern times have made this kind of method very popular nowadays. Maybe some people are afraid, or they don’t trust crowdfunding is what they need, perhaps they aren’t seeing the whole view and have been misled by others who haven’t been successful in their crowdfunding campaigns.

Other reasons why people don’t come to this method from the start is because they think it shouldn’t be the first option but only a desperate method to get some free money. They have wrongly been thinking that it is impossible just to crowdfund to start a business because people won’t believe in you, because most platforms would take a huge percentage of your fundraise or because people usually don’t trust crowdfunding platforms and they would think you’re a scam.

Believing it is possible

I'm not here to talk to you about the first steps you need to take to start influencing people or selling your product, but I'm here to tell you that crowdfunding is not reserved for just a bunch of people who have been making business since forever. The crowdfunding world, and even more now thanks to the inclusion of blockchain technology, is for everyone. Anyone who has an idea, potential of any kind, or just a dream, can fundraise.

So, if what you need to start is pay for hosting services to get a fully functional personal website, you can create a token and start a campaign asking people all over the world to give you support to fulfill this dream. You will need to earn trust, but that is easy for someone who has their eyes set in the goal. Talk about yourself, your vision, show your work and earn credibility through social media. Once you show people who you are with honesty you will find that many people will want to give you their support.

Support for new starters

But that is not all, platforms like mintMe, function as an exchange as well, it means that people could come here to support you but also to buy from you. Your own digital coin can open the doors to an international market as fast as you let people know and advertise the token you have created.

With mintMe you don’t only get the perfect platform to crowdfund, but you also can create a more steady system to get paid for your work. Also, did you know that MINTME coins can be used as a means of payment in Web Hosting platforms in 5 continents of the world? It means that by having mintMe coins you also get the opportunity to host your own website and manage your business there trusting a blockchain system. Are you not convinced yet? Create you own token today at

Start this new year with your eyes set on a bigger goal and don't be afraid.

By Mary Schwartz