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Over 7000 cryptocurrencies around and there’s more room for new tokens?

Nov 19, 2019

It sounds big. When immensity knocks on our perceptions we get either more inspired or depressed. It is kind of like when looking at the sea. Token creation at this point is that sea we don’t know if jump in or walk away.

Blockchain technology is so apolitical

Let’s say we’re the ones who walk away from immensity. That it surpasses us. Token creation and trade show us how tiny our business project might be in front of this global massive wave of entrepreneurship. In addition to it, blockchain technology is so apolitical, and times like these are quite the opposite; especially in social networks. Perhaps it would be more comfortable and peaceful to refrain from trying and watch how others do it. There are many excuses for not taking on. It’s better to be safe than sorry. On the other hand, there is this so tiring hype of self-help that actually proves you’re failing in the end rather than be inspiring. The thing is, it is not about motivation and self-help only. It is about being ready for what’s coming.

And it will come for sure!

Getting into the token exchange market will be just as it is searching for information through the internet. It will be a daily basis routine. I remember the time when searching on the internet felt like asking a sorceress for the providence. In a way, token creation and trade may appear to be a sophisticated entrepreneurship matter. It could feel like you must know a lot of computer science to understand it. That is already changing. Searching for something on the internet was just like it and even children use it a lot nowadays. The importance of joining communities like the one you find at lies in being prepared. We should get into tokens and cryptocurrency markets. Perhaps the motivation of entrepreneurship comes after, who knows.

Anyone could join the platform.

There are more than a thousand tokens already listed at mintMe. Anyone could join the platform today and create a token of its own. They will give you a certain amount of units for that token created. We’ll need back it up in order to make it a vehicle for trading. The value of all the tokens will be represented in mintMe Coins They have a cryptocurrency to make this process much easier. That is the reason why we aim at building a community. Every token will be playing an exchange mechanism for crowdfunding mostly.

We should have a project if we want to crowdfund, right?

There are so many things we can call the “project”. This question is more a matter of interpretation. Let’s just stand for a wider approach. We all have one project at least. A time will come in which we must tokenize that thing we do because that is how it’s going to be. It may sound overwhelming now but it will become natural in time. We should be taking this natural step ahead and see all the tokens of mintMe and understand what they are about. We need to consider getting tokens for future performances; for upcoming services. This is a community. We can just interact with each other and get into this sort of movement.

Be part of something of your own

Many people log in to social networks to follow someone else’s conversations and spend a great time on it. Why not trying to be part of something of your own instead? Crowdfunding might be the key to open this initiative of yours. That idea you had never believed you wanted to do but, since there’s a new perspective for achievements (I want to believe it at least), you start feeling eager, and the immensity you used to feel so far from, turns out to be an inspiration source. As you may see, it’s not about whether there might be a room or not. It is about getting used to it. Blockchain crowdfunding is actually one of the most prominent ways to get support. On the other hand, there are the token exchange platforms such as mintMe. These ones will surely become the main system for doing business. It won’t be mutual support only. It will be about new money followed by an upcoming way to think as well.

By Orlan Silva @OrlanSilva