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Pressing the "create token" button in 2020?

Jan 4, 2020

It's no secret that since became available for public use tokenization became as easy as pressing the "create token" button. And then the get rich dream coupled with absurd fantasies of how to create your fortune must have used a significant portion of your brainpower.

Have you ever sung karaoke?

But being able to do something and actually doing it are two different things. It's like saying I can jump sing karaoke and actually standing on stage in front of other people and doing your best not to embarrass yourself. You probably sang your favorite song, which sounded so much different in your brain when you initially had the idea. But to your surprise, when you were actually on stage everything became different, the music, the audience and the song all became so real and new unanticipated stuff must have happened.

Affronting challenges in real life is harder than "planing to do it" but how many people stay just dreaming without taking action? Despite the fear, those who are committed enough to start doing something are those who can achieve great things. Some times it takes a little bit of effort to break the ice, take the mic, stand in front of everyone and start singing!

The three corners dilemma.

With a new business, you probably started with a wish to get rich or create a fortune. Most people don't care about the business itself and are rather moved by the end goal.

But starting a business usually doesn't care much about your hopes and dreams, it's more about what you'll offer the market and in-exchange for how much?

As an entrepreneur you find yourself stuck between three corners: what you want? what you'll offer the market? and how to secure your initial funding?

But knowing that what you want is irrelevant now, and using mintMe breaks you out of being stuck. And this makes you focus on what can you offer the market and how to become competitive.

When you are new in the business world and no many people know your work and the potential you have, it is normal to find yourself a little bit lonely and you may lack support or people to believe in you. Then this is where the hard work comes, when you have to demonstrate people the value of your product and why you are different from anyone else, bringing solutions and innovations to your niche. MintMe is the platform that can help you have the base you need to increase in trust. Offering your followers and clients a way to give you support or buy your products in a more secure, fast, and functional way.

Starting a business with mintMe is like singing karaoke.

The word karaoke comes from the Japanese language and it means empty orchestra. If we create an analogy between singing and starting a business, then mintMe is your composer. While entrepreneurs usually had to take care of the funding issues and the method where the money will be wired so a business can be born. mintMe takes care of this for you, you don't need to worry about a funding platform or money being wired, and in case of platforms that actually give you the money you raised, most of them have high fees. But with all of this is a part of yesterday's problem, you can focus on your business idea, your prototype and maybe hiring a marketer. The whole funding issue is solved with mintMe.

So, if you are worried about starting this new year feeling lonely once again, perhaps thinking that you have no means or fundament to start your dream business I want to let you know that the "create token" button is available for you at and this can mean the great opportunity you have been waiting for. For this 2020 don't lose perspective on your goals and don't let the difficulties withstand you. You should take the change to create your own environment for business and start growing your identity as a company or creator with your personalized token.

    Written by: Moe