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Release notes 2.10

May 20, 2024

We are delighted to introduce MintMe version 2.10, packed with exciting new features and enhancements to elevate your trading and crowdfunding experience. This update brings the addition of Solana to MintMe, more information in the "Latest Activities" section on the home page, and the addition of top tokens. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping these improvements. Thank you for being an essential part of the MintMe community and helping us build a better platform every day!


  • Enabled Solana on
  • Integrated latest activity, recent posts, hashtags, and top tokens into the home page
  • Improved feed layout with new buttons, enhanced post creation form, and better mobile accessibility
  • Added top tokens to user home page
  • Added new actions to "Latest Activities" on the home page
  • Restricted comments to verified users only
  • Updated notifications with a new design for better readability
  • Enhanced recent feed by hiding restricted comments
  • Added top-page notification for users without tokens to create one
  • Highlighted warning text in the deposit dialog
  • Added notification settings link to the footer of all emails
  • Moved quick trade error messages under the form field
  • Removed Feed linking from user navigation menu
  • Imported tokens should appear in the my token menu
  • Deposits are now allowed without requiring a phone number
  • Prevented email inbox from being spammed with new posts
  • Improved validation notifications
  • Tokens with a quantity of 0 are no longer shown in profile
  • Added blockchain information to deposit and withdrawal emails
  • Added blockchain information display for token deposits in the panel and API
  • Post link in latest activity has been changed
  • Simplified trade page buttons by removing redundant text
  • Unfollowing a token with 0 balance in wallet, removes it from wallet
  • Disabled withdrawals for 48 hours after disabling 2FA for security
  • Disabled trading for undeployed tokens
  • Updated Twitter branding
  • Blocking user on DM now requires confirmation



  • Fixed decimal error with USDT on BNB
  • Fixed issue where writing a message on Facebook task was not working
  • Redirected to main page after registration
  • Fixed missing icon from email template
  • Fixed wrong balance displayed after performing withdrawal
  • Fixed link not scrolling to buy/sell order section
  • Updated introduction page to include "title" with content from the introduction
  • Fixed links related to posts
  • Corrected title tag error on the post page
  • Replaced list of coins with a link to the trade/coins page
  • Fixed internal scrollbar appearance issue
  • Resolved Solana timeout issue
  • Corrected misplaced icon in reset password
  • Fixed warning message on coin market pages
  • Fixed issue where token name on a private post did not display correctly
  • Fixed issue where editing posts didn’t work as expected
  • Fixed browser tab displaying unwanted info
  • Fixed issue where sharing posts with rewards was not working
  • Ensured quick buy is recorded only once in history