Mintme News


Release Notes version 1.3

Oct 13, 2020

Release Notes version 1.3


  • Direct link to a post
  • Add YouTube tag to BBcode.
  • If description is empty, do not show it unless it's token creator
  • Email reminders for token creators and users
  • UX improvement for restricted posts
  • Improve trimming of bbcode in meta tags
  • Improve description on introduction and profile page
  • Add Share button on articles displayed under news section
  • Improve MintMe modals design
  • Token name creation, remove 1 different character rule for tickers
  • Forbid bots to crawl some urls
  • Move wallet from main menu to drop-down menu
  • All social media should be in configuration, not directly in code
  • Add noreferrer to links
  • Add positioning feature to KB
  • Move MintMe coin news to MintMe news
  • Add/change links

Bug fixes

  • Airdrops are given from the main balance
  • Not restricted posts should be visible to everyone
  • Text from news content does not show on social media
  • Buy depth is not updating after removing buy orders
  • Ignore anonymous profiles to send reminders about the empty description
  • Replace placeholder nickname with first and last name if possible
  • Multiple red alerts on idle page
  • Blacklist is not working
  • Minimal price is not working on token page
  • D/W History shows not parsed value for fee
  • Missing Google Analytics domain in CSP
  • CSP inline error in Firefox
  • Only a part of the description is visible when JavaScript is disabled
  • Tokens with long names tends to hide
  • Wrong order of fields on landing page
  • Design changes and fixes
  • Fix and improve airdrop feature
  • Fix Token URL inside the message in share options
  • Improved design (missing fixes)
  • Description can't be changed or filled
  • BB code is not working on token description
  • The special characters are wrongly handled
  • Quotation marks are not being properly displayed when JS is not yet loaded or turned off
  • Cannot read property 'replace' of null
  • Terms of Service duplicated point
  • Tab Key doesn't switch correctly in some pages
  • The dropdown list is not working well on token page
  • Wrong total to withdraw
  • Auto focus not working on sign up page
  • Withdraw front end validation missing for 2fa field
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Wrong urls for subpages in token page
  • SVG search and cookies icons are oversized on load
  • KB title is not shown when posting link
  • News title is not shown when posting link
  • Misaligned cells on Top Holders
  • Wrong image is fetched
  • Can not connect to internal services