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The crowdfunding and token creation platform: How everything started.

Mar 12, 2021

           Everything started with an idea. It was in 2014 that our founder and CEO Artur Makowka, decided to fully focus on his projects and managed to grow his original hosting company to become the biggest free hosting in Poland, and then successfully expand to other regions around the world such as Ukraine, Middle East, and Latin America.

In 2017 the path to establishing this ultimate dream business called started. First of all with the idealization of the Blockchain Mintme Coin and its cryptocurrency MINTME which is the main currency of use within our platform today. With a small remote working team, MINTME came to materialize, a cryptocurrency that was meant to be different from others in the market, transparent, and focused on equal mining. Our own blockchain solution and mining algorithm, designed to allow profitable mining using CPU which was launched originally under the name Webchain, which was rebranded to MintMe to fully show the purpose behind it.

An innovative idea that grows

           MintMe was launched as BETA in June 2019 and fully opened in May 2020. Designed to be more than just an exchange or a platform to create tokens. It is an ecosystem for the creation of tokens and digital coins as a means for monetization and crowdfunding of projects, not only for the crypto community but to anyone even outside the crypto sphere. While Bringing an innovative idea and possibility to the usual crowdfunding view: People can earn while they give.

MintMe Coin, the blockchain is what gives MintMe the base to become a full crypto exchange platform as well as a place for token creation. And of course, it is also what makes it possible to trade with the tokens created and to enhance the security of every transaction made. Thanks to the underlying technology, tokens created and deployed at MintMe are also fully capable to be listed in other trading environments that support ERC20 tokens, be withdrawn, saved, and exchanged within the security and transparency that blockchain technology provides.

This new approach gave MintMe the stand to differentiate itself from any other crowdfunding platform and other blockchain-based crowdfunding initiatives. Token creators as well as their supporters now have the possibility to earn money through token trading, unlike other crowdfunding platforms in which only one side gets it all. This is what we call a win-win situation.

A working environment

           The reason why MintMe is called an environment is that all of our projects are connected through our mineable coin MINTME. Our main platform uses MINTME as the main currency in which the price of the tokens created is set. Now MintMe even launched its own hosting region called directed to all MintMe users where they can also pay for hosting services with MintMe coins, or use credit cards or Paypal. Created with friendly policies towards projects using in any way giving huge support to crypto projects. MINTME is also accepted as payment for any other of our Hosting servers. This approach has given MintMe high stability and the projections in the market are also very promising.

MintMe offers something truly revolutionary, we believe that it is more than just profitable, it is a real alternative that will help in the huge endeavor of making crypto mainstream. Because it allows entrepreneurs of all kinds, digital creators, artists, small and medium-sized businesses, and personalities to profit, being supported by their communities with a sustainable ecosystem of customized cryptocurrencies issued as their own money. Giving them the possibility to crowdfund, sell, buy, share and trade directly with their clients, followers, or supporters.

Mary Schwartz