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Updates on Webchain Website & Miner Launch

Jun 2, 2018

We have launched Our News sections

Thanks to our team, everyone can now see News updates directly on our website. Since today we are going to use it actively.

We have launched Webchain Miner v2.6.2.0

Webchain-miner is a high performance Webchain (WEB) CPU miner, with official support for Windows. Originally based on XMRig with changes that allow mining WEB on your CPU.

Recent Releases: Download our Webchain Miner & Start mining now

High performance.

• Official Windows support.
• Small Windows executable, without dependencies.
• Support for backup (failover) mining server.
• It know supports Keep-alive.
• Command line options compatible with XMRig.
• Smart automatic CPU configuration.
• It's open source software.

CPU mining performance

Intel i7-7700 - 307 H/s (4 threads)
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X - 560 H/s (8 threads)

Please note that performance is highly dependent on system load. The numbers above are obtained on an idle system. Tasks heavily using processor cache, such as video playback, can greatly degrade hash rate. Optimal number of threads depends on the size of the L3 cache of a processor, 1 thread requires 2 MB of cache.

Maximum performance checklist

• Idle operating system.
• Do not exceed optimal thread count.
• Use modern CPUs with AES-NI instruction set.
• Try setting up optimal CPU affinity.
• Enable fast memory (Large/Huge pages).

Get more info at our GitHub page.

In Case of any questions or comments feel free to reply on our BitcoinTalk Thread or simply join our Discord Channel.