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This project is community driven and owned and will function non-profit. As a market maker ZadeShare International will continue to build growth and development into the long-term value and usage for Click token. Liquidity will be provided as market stabilizes and upon release of major development updates will be updated in posts. Exclusive posts will be for longterm HODLers.

Created on:
05 Oct 2020
Active orders:
5 916.0000
Release period:
2 year(s)
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9 999 136.4806
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2 414 537.0807
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16 149.4904
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Latest News
03:02:08 22 Feb, 2024

Utilizing CLICK tokens to increase traffic can significantly enhance the visibility and reputation of a company or creator on a global scale. By leveraging CLICK tokens effectively, businesses and individuals can attract more attention to their brand or content, thereby strengthening their presence and image worldwide. This increased traffic can lead to greater recognition, engagement, and ultimately, success in reaching a wider audience. #Business #Tokencreators #Contentcreators #ZadeShare

23:12:00 30 Dec, 2023

Traffic affects everything! Online, web traffic is like gold. It's not just numbers; it's what keeps things buzzing. More visitors mean more chances for your biz to shine. It's not about loads of clicks, but the right folks stopping by. Good traffic brings in sales and builds a fanbase. Every business craves this stuff—it boosts rankings, brings in cash, and makes things happen. Web traffic isn't just numbers; it's the heart of online success. Use CLICK Token and grow. #Traffic #Contentcreators #ZadeShare #Business

00:10:46 20 Oct, 2023

A click is the most valuable action in the entire internet. CLICK token is digital exchange format CLICK = click through rate increase% Traffic is value, popularity is an illusion, yet this illusion is all people see, thus it is real. The problem is gaining organic traffic and popularity is very hard. CLICK token will foward to aid any creators trying to get spotlight for their hard work. Collect your tokens they will be rare soon and hot! 3 New projects are coming and they will include CLICK token!