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| Official Website: | |Official Telegram Chat |Price Tracker: |Clayko Inu (CHIB) is a BSC token that aspires to be an BNB-based alternatives to Bitcoin (BTC), the popular cryptocurrency used on Unlike Bitcoin, which is designed to be scarce, CHIB is the same but intentionally NON abundant; with a TOTAL supply of 10 million. The Clayko Inu Token ecosystem supports projects such as Clayko Inu & the development of a decentralized & liquidity pool exchange called ClaykoExchange coming early 2024.

Created on:
21 Aug 2021
Release period:
50 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
6 213 395.5324
Not yet released:
3 786 604.4675
Wallet on exchange:
3 314 686.0435
Active orders:
2 810 020.0000
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Latest News
00:01:13 16 Jan, 2023

We have sold 3,000,000+ CHIB tokens to ClayCoin Organization. Now it’s better to buy Clayko Inu as the we hold the last unmined amount. 8 Clayko Inu Tokens are created every 1 hour.

18:02:03 03 Feb, 2022

No matter how much money you would invest in ClayCoin, it wouldn’t do anything. few whale Holders are waiting for that push just to dump their coins. Which is wrong due to the fact our lead developer once ran ClayCoin. This question brings... Is ClayCoin dead? Are we working with them? Of course not. But if you want to buy and PROFIT you must buy a lot. Roughly 100,000 ClayCoins. As of partnerships, we are rolling out the best decision I think we should’ve did sooner.

18:02:53 03 Feb, 2022

Clayko Inu will prevail. With the CryptoCHIBs, now we have the next biggest thing. Introducing: CHIBSUS NFTs👾 Clayko Inu will prevail. Press the link to see the entire NFT Collection. With different rarities and traits + the MetaWorld coming up, this will be amazing. More then 100 will be made this year, 25 of them via ! KEEP BUYING CHIB

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