Propositions List Ajedrez (DREZ) Market Description: Start our new project Crypto currency with the name: Ajedrez acronym (DREZ) if you want to be an authorized sales dealer here by writing us. Ajedrez Market is changing the way that people all around the world earn with one simple motto: earn from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Blockchain enables micro-transactions to be carried out in an efficient manner. The difference is around human-centric user interfaces and experiences. Our gamified micro-task platform creates an engaging user experience that encourages active participation with the DREZ token community. Impressum: CCTVRADIO GROUPS - Recognizes Ajedrez * - as one of the few communities that in a short time of Foundations known in the ruble of Cryptodivisas, Cryptocurrencies that better service provides to its clients but stand out in the category CryptoDivisas from World to the World. Site: GitHub: Facebook: Play Store: Hispaloto:

Created on:
29 Jul 2020
Active orders:
1 231 044.0000
Release period:
10 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
4 014 516.8274
Wallet on exchange:
2 747 394.6924
Sold on the market:
1 042 549.5209
Not yet released:
5 985 483.1725
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Latest News
03:12:01 15 Dec, 2020

Trader gentlemen, you are badly accustomed to the cheap cost of tokens, I will no longer sell you any tokens but the cost you will receive per token will be 50 MINTME