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Now you can convert your points from our Facebook group into Dance and music tokens
01:12:32 02 Dec, 2023

Dear dance and music lovers Our Facebook group does not have an administrator because my very old Facebook account was hacked back in July. If you are lucky enough to access the group then you can create posts and even promote your token. Top contributors can convert their points into Dance and music tokens. This will happen once a year. Are you one of the top contributors at ? Share your user profile page which should look like as a comment, and you will receive your points converted into Dance and music tokens. Have a nice weekend!

Dance and music tokens are aimed at dance and music lovers. Of course, investors are the ones who support this initiative. Dancers and musicians are the ones who create content. The dance and music show has been running for over six years. It is already popular on several platforms. The top three supporters of the Dance and music project: Coming soon! The top ten supporters of the Dance and music project: More supporters coming soon! This dance and music show is aimed at people over 18. Videos should be at least one minute long. You need to share a dance or music video and not a picture. The dance and music show runs at . These are the supporters of the Dance and music show: - Not deployed yet You can also trade our token at . Please visit, . 🌟 100 Dance and Music Tokens 🌟 For all you superstars out there, if the video you're sharing and the performance in that video are entirely your own creation, we're rewarding you with dazzling 100 Dance and Music Tokens! It's time to shine like the star you are! 🌟 10 Dance and Music Tokens 🌟 Even if both the video and the performance don't belong to you, we want you to be part of the fun. By participating in our show, you'll still earn 10 Dance and Music Tokens. It's all about celebrating the art and the community. You can use the "Buy from creator" option if you like to support the Dance and music project. Thank you! P.S. Support our dance and music token if you like to support this show.

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04 Jul 2021
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13:02:02 19 Feb, 2024

Dear token and content creators What are your favourite tokens right now? Leave a comment and you will receive some Dance and music tokens as a tip. Have a nice day! #trading #Danceandmusictoken #Contentcreator #Contentcreators #Tokencreator

14:02:30 17 Feb, 2024

Guess what? The weekend has arrived, and it's knocking on your door like the cool neighbour who brings over a plate of cookies just because. 🍪🚪 So, grab your party hats, and glitter-infused dance shoes, and let's make this weekend more epic than a disco ball in zero gravity! 🕺✨ Who needs a red carpet when you can create your own dance floor masterpiece in the living room? Break out your signature moves – the "Trying to Put on Skinny Jeans Dance," the "Where Are My Keys Shuffle," and of course, the classic "I Can't Believe I Ate That Last Slice of Pizza Two-Step." 💃🤣

02:02:56 17 Feb, 2024

Dear token lovers I've bought too many tokens and now I have to get rid of some of them because maybe many token creators forgot about their tokens. I will sell more tokens but I will never sell tokens from those token creators who are supporting the dance and music project. #Trading #sellingthesetokens #crypto

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