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Those Damn Democrats Burn 1.9 Million Coins!
04:06:47 12 Jun, 2021

So we decided that we have way to many coins. And like money, we burnt it to support you! 1,900,000 unless someone gets those free! 🤣 anyways will know in like 5 minutes! Hope if I change 2 numbers will be enough! Only 11,000 coins extra in the bank with 100k coins on the board! Have fun!

We can only inflate the economy so much so we chose to stand together within a system we cannot over inflate. We hope to limit our production and get on the blockchain this way we can move forward with our mission to help with help of fellow People. We can create long term wealth while providing for those in need.

Created on:
08 Jun 2021
Release period:
20 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
2 807 380.2923
Not yet released:
7 192 619.7076
Wallet on exchange:
407 373.6877
Active orders:
79 740.0000
1 911 209.7802
Sold on the market:
20 935.7329
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
02:07:15 03 Jul, 2021

All of our tokens are burned but what’s on the board. These tokens may increase in value based on their limited supply. Trading seems very slow. Biden looks to print money and we got a very fixed and limited supply after coin burn. (I think we have 300 coins) got to get them by airdrop or raising bids or someone selling down or buying up.

04:06:17 15 Jun, 2021

We have decided to follow DogecoinX in accepting LIBAS currency for Our Tokens as well! We will now be willing to trade 45 LIBAS Tokens for 1 Democrats United! We will do this for up to 90,000 LIBAS (2000 Democrats United).

20:06:42 12 Jun, 2021

Not much on news but we had to buy back 270 coins because we only had 30 which we had to buy back as well. We were thinking we got 48/coins per hour but where are they??? Anyways what is on the board are ALL the rest are in a random number wallet that hasn’t been created. So burnt! This could do anything. Supply side is right! We hope to see future value whenever we receive coin release. But never more than 25k coins released per year. Remainder burned.

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